4 thoughts on “Tuesday 9 February

  1. I decided to make up “Stephan” today instead of doing the back squats.
    -GHD situps
    -Hip extensions
    -SDL @ 65#
    Time: 25:36 Rx’d

    Max Turkish Getup: 53lb
    Max Pull-ups: 20
    I had alot of fun today doing this workout. I’m glad I had people to work out next to and push me to go hard!

  2. I made up Stephen as well. I was hoping I would hold up against Jordan but she kicked my ass.
    Time: 28:42

    Prior to the WOD I did max Pull-ups 32(PR)

    At least I excelled in something.

  3. We trained 26 athletes at CrossFit Impulse tonight, which is by far the most ever. Welcome to all the graduates of our most recent Fundamentals series, and thanks for everyone’s patience. The back squat strength WOD looked difficult, but everyone did well, even if they were trying back squat for the first time. However, I think the most eventful part of the night was all of the action surrounding the leaderboard on pullups and Turkish getups. I saw Mike get 19 consecutive pullups, which is about double what he could get last month! Hudson and Jakub took the top spots on the men’s leaderboard in pullups. Jordan took top ladies spot in both (with a 1.5 pood TGU that equals the male 3rd place spot). Steven and Michael tied for top men’s spot with the 2 pood. Charlie decided to go ahead and take #1 on the power clean and squat clean after his WOD. Oh, and apparently Melissa N. can walk on her hands like it’s cool. I turned around once to find her in a handstand, and I had to go do something else before she ever released. Zan got her first kipping pullup (and broken blister from pullups). Also a great effort from those making up Stephen. You guys motivate me.

  4. Subbed deadlift for backsquat with the same reps and rest periods. Placing my hands behind the bar and activating my shoulders on a heavy back squat really torque the shoulder pain. I decided to play it safe and roll with deadlift.


    I attempted a max set of deadhang pullups (again, kipping hurts). I got 16. This is 5 below my PR for deadhangs. This is evidence that I have not been able to train pullups much over the past several months. Very frustrating.

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