11 thoughts on “Monday 8 February

  1. Completed 3 rounds and 2 squat cleans in 15 min.

    Scaled the squat cleans to 95 lb. Have some bad form issues to work out, mainly going all the way down for the squat.
    Struggled a lot with pull-ups, just don’t have the shoulder strength built up yet.
    Overall, good workout and glad to get it done in the early morning. Now, I can take it easy the rest day knowing that I got my work in for the day… 🙂

  2. Good class this morning with Brandon, Russell, and Melissa. This is some very good programming by David. Keeps everyone on an exercise until they are very fatigued but moves them on before they loose too much time with long rest periods.

    Russell, your form on cleans is good, you just have to remember to force yourself to do the full squat. When I told you that the next rep wouldn’t count without a full squat you started nailing it, so you’re very capable. 🙂

    My morning strength WOD:
    Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 (115-125-135×3-125-125)
    Bent Over Row 5-5-5-5-5 (135-155-175-175-185)
    alternated press/row/press…

    Staying on my heels during shoulder press was a challenge, and my lack of ability to do so is probably why I missed the two reps in the center of the progression. On the very last set I focused on driving through heels and it felt as easy as the second set. Bent over rows were an interesting addition. Decided to work them in after reading about them in Starting Strength. Haven’t done them in years (since the Globo-Gym days).

  3. Had a great workout this morning..Still feeling the effects of Friday’s workout. Able to do 3 rounds + 6 squat cleans in 15 min. Had to scale pull-ups with resistance band and use 61lbs for the squat cleans. I probably would have stuck with a lower weight if I hadn’t got the push from Jeff. Once I got over the mind game of jumping under the bar I felt so much better about the cleans. I was able to do real pushups today in the warmup (so excited)!! Thanks Guys.

    P.S. I was able to fit into some of my pre-prego jeans this weekend, what a great feeling :-).

  4. 5:00 class was a blast. Enjoyed seeing Bill and Mark workout with us for the first time. I came 4 burpees short of 7 rounds (6 rounds + 6 cleans + 9 pullups + 8 burpees). Would have probably scored closer to 6 rounds if Hudson hadn’t set a pace for us on the cleans and burpees. After class I practiced walking on my hands after watching David help Jordan with the same. Jordan gave me a tip on keeping my hands closer together that made all the difference. I can now do a solid 5 second handstand hold and hand walk further than I ever have (which isn’t far). Gonna keep practicing this skill after class.

    Now, to continue working on the 1-Christina Turkish Getup.

  5. Everyone did great today in the 5:00 class. Thanks Leah for giving me a goal to work towards as well as the support to get through the WOD… I destinctly remember doing 6 burpees towards the last round and stopping to rest when I heard Leah say “come on Christina you’ve got one more burpee!” Thanks for the push! Jeff thank you for all the support and the coaching on squat cleans! Tristan I also heard you cheering me on throughout the WOD. For me the support makes all the difference! Thanks again.

    Completed 5 rounds + 4 Squat Cleans
    61 lbs

  6. Completed 3 full rounds + plus cleans and pull-ups on the 4th round

    Used 65 lbs on cleans.

    Had to substitute push-ups for burpees.

    Wish I had made it through 4 full rounds, but I think I rested too much during pull-ups. I could hear Christina’s voice in my head asking me what I had for breakfast…

  7. 4 rounds + 6 cleans + 9 pullups + 2 burpees
    Cleans @ 75#
    That was rough. Wow. I almost lost my supper on this one. It was a fight to keep those scrambled eggs down. Tristan kept me going though. Thanks for the push bud! Its great to have someone to try and keep up with. Im looking forward to making up stephan sometime this week.

  8. Got 4 rounds and then all they way to 4 burpees. Had fun fighting with Jordan across the way. Can’t wait for the next strength day on main site so me and Jordan can fight our way through Stephen. I have a feeling that one is gonna suck. Thanks for the push. Good working out with everyone again. Way to push through David’s screwed up mentality.

  9. 4 rounds + 6-9-5. Squat cleans @ 115 lbs.
    Almost failed a few SC in the last round, but pulled through. After that workout, I understand why Jeff look like he swam to crossfit.

  10. Two very good classes tonight. Everyone worked hard for 15 minutes. Squat cleans looked rough after burpees! Enjoyed having two new people, Mark and Bill, with us at 5:00. Then, we had Lauren workout with us for the first time at 6:15. I like seeing new faces in the class. We now have a few friendly competitions going on. I like it. I am seeing people push a little harder than they normally would. I see some great progress ahead for many of you!

    I look forward to trying this WOD. All I did today was row 500 m in 1:35 (PR).

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