Wednesday 10 February

For time:
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
25 L Pull-ups
40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
20 L Pull-ups
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
15 L Pull-ups
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
10 L Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

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“Hydration” with CrossFit Endurance, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

14 thoughts on “Wednesday 10 February

  1. Subbed back squat 95lbs. for “L” Pull-ups. Time: 17:08

    Hands were shot after last two days of so many pull-ups. Had fun working out with a big class this morning. A lot more people than I expected. Rest day for me tomorrow. See you guys in the box this weekend.

  2. Nice to see more people in the morning class, gives it a higher energy dynamic and helps me push myself harder.
    Great to see and hear people cheering and supporting others during the workout.

    Picked the scaled version Christina put on the board and finished with a time of 10:41, but felt I could do the set of 50 wall ball and 25 pull ups and finished that with a total time of 20:50. That last set was just salt on the wound as I was already tired. My pride was hurt a bit by choosing to use a blue-band to assist with pull ups, but even with that by the end I was barely able to get one pull up in with rest.

    40 wall ball shots – 14 lb.
    20 pull-ups (blue band assisted)
    30 wall ball shots
    15 pull ups
    20 wall ball shots
    10 pull ups – 10:41
    50 wall ball shots
    25 pull ups – 20:50

    The whole class was working hard and it was great to be around that energy for working out, adds an extra pump you don’t get at a regular gym. Regular gyms seem so quiet in comparison, of course Chrstina blaring “How low can you go?” on the speakers doesn’t make for a quiet environment… 🙂

  3. Worked out at a 24 hour fitness today. Wow, they have absolutely no equipment suitable for crossfit. Makes UAH look like a real crossfit gym.

    We did 5 rounds of:
    – 155lb deadift
    – 15 burpees

    12:10 was my time. Would have done heavier deadlift but I couldn’t drop the weight.

    Also did tabata intervals on the bike, then a nice 2000m row.

  4. Time: 23:44
    I tried to do it Rx’d but I ended up going to kipping pull-ups. I had a rough time getting through this one but the support I got from the class got me through it. I am sore and tired! Definately taking a rest day tomorrow.

  5. Great morning class today! Love the engery and the effort by everyone!

    Today I did the back squat WOD:

    Leah you were right! This was a tough WOD when especially when your PR on BS is 140lb. Thanks David for helping me through this one. My hamstrings are trashed after the straight leg deadlifts and GHD workout.

  6. 24:20
    Using 14lb medicine ball and went to failure on unassisted, strict pull-ups after 5 reps on the second round. Used the blue band following failure.

    1. Clark, does that mean you did 30 unassisted pullups tonight before going to the band? If so, that’s huge!

  7. Today I did the back squat WOD from yesterday. I started out thinking I’d go with 275#, my 3RM, but after a test set I realized that 20 reps of 275 weren’t happening, so I reduced to 255# and completed all sets across. Focused on absolutely undeniably legit depth, and probably cleaned the floor with my ass on some of them. 60 seconds rest between sets started to feel short during the second half of the WOD. Nice change of pace.

    Afterwards I did 3 max effort sets of pullups and scored 65-9-14. That’s an increase of 10 from my PR in September of 55. Second and third sets are a little weak, but max effort on pullups really trashes me. Thanks for everyone who was there for the motivation and to Jakub for counting pullups for me.

  8. Got in a CrossFit Endurance workout this evening 9x 1:1 intervals of running, 1 min on, 1 min off.
    Goal was to keep a consistent distance covered for each interval.
    Hit 270m on the first and stayed right around there on the next 8 intervals.

    Avg HR throughout the whole workout was 166.

    Felt good running, have to work on running at speed. Been running for LSD this past year, speed is taxing, but feels good.

  9. 19:50 scaled. Subbed L pull-ups 1:1 w/ dead hangs + 30 sec of tucked knee hangs (?) at the end of each pull-up set. Hope to attempt the L pull-ups soon. Great job to Wendy and props to Charlie for grinding through as prescribed.

  10. Everyone grunted through some strict pull-ups tonight. Kudos to those who went Rx’d! Several people that were able to unassisted strict pull-ups that have very few if any pull-ups when they started CF. That is impressive. Bill, who is new to CF, did a great job fighting through this workout at the Rx’d reps.

    Congrats to Jeff on his pull-up PR of 65! He is a pull-up machine. Lookout Jeff, Hudson is coming after you!

    Rest day for me.

  11. 32:10 Rx’d reps, subbed L-pull-ups with 15 sec L-hangs and strict pull ups with the blue band. definitely humbling… thanks for the help Neel and David.

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