7 thoughts on “Friday 12 February

  1. Victor and Jeanette came in for the morning class. They both attacked Diane with confidence. Following the workout, Jeanette decided to claim a new spot on the leader board under Deadlift. She tried 145-lbs and failed. I told her to take off the 5-lbs plates on each side and try 135-lbs. She pulled it, getting it started off the ground and dropped it. I said, “You got that, just keeping pulling.” She got focused again, reset on the bar, and pulled 135-lbs. Congrats Jeanette!

  2. I love it when someone has that particular experience with deadlift! It shows improvement in many ways, most notably that the person is willing to keep tugging on the bar and not give up, and that their decision to not give up was all that held them back from achieving the lift the first time. Awesome, Jeanette!

  3. 9:07 (scaled the HS pushups for GHD-assist). I thought I could do the HS pushups with ab mats, but I wasn’t quite ready for it.

    Nice time Jeff!

    Hudson, great to see you push through those HS pushups.

  4. 7:27 (scaled HSPU with 1 ABMAT)
    That one was rough. Thanks Andy, Chris, and Jordan for pushing me through this one along with everyone else. I know there was more yelling but I could only hear those three.

    Good job to everyone tonight for pushing through this one.

  5. 3:04

    Thanks Andy. I especially appreciated Michael and Kristin pushing me through it. BTW, Paul took #2 on the deadlift leaderboard after the late class.

  6. Time: 7:26 PR
    (Scaled HSPU with 1 ABMAT and DL 145#)
    The depth on my HSPU were questionable and I lost count somewhere in there on the reps, so it was a cluster if ya know what I mean. I also practiced my double unders and walking on my hands. I have improved in both so I’m on schedule to have them mastered by March 1st!
    I have come a long way since I first started CF. The last time I did this WOD back in May of ’09 my time was 14:30. I love being able to keep a notebook and track my progress.

  7. Everyone really pushed through this one. Hudson definitely overcame the mental wall we all sometimes hit in a workout… way to push through. MIke is someone else that sticks out from yesterdays workout… he definitely put his heart into this one! Way to push through Mike and stick with HSPU the whole way!

    Rest Day for me 🙂

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