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  1. 125(PR) wasn’t to bad. The ten limit time limit might have affected my true 1RM but I did beat my last PR by 10 lbs.

    Good work to everyone today.

  2. Got 95 lb. up on snatch. Got 115 a couple times with bad form. David could see that I’m power cleaning more than snatching.

    Did Diane after that with several others… 13:28 total time.
    185 lb. deadlift
    1 AbMat for handstand push ups

    Diane was a struggle form the beginning, really had to push myself to keep going. I thought about reducing the deadlift before starting, glad I didn’t and pushed through it. Thanks to everyone for the support. 🙂

    Everyone was working hard through Diane, could even hear them as I face-planted into the AbMat. 🙂

  3. Ok, I watched the “controversial” hydration video posted earlier this week that was being discussed after class.
    In the video he states, “half your body weight in ounces” is the amount of water you should drink on a daily basis regardless of fitness. Taken literally this translates into an outrageous number for anybody.

    ex. 150 lb. person would need to take in:
    150/2 = 75 lb.
    75 lb. * (16 oz./lb.) = 1200 oz.
    That’s just NUTS!

    The way I take it, is that he means changing out the lb. for oz. after you divide your body weight by 2.

    ex. 150 lb. person would need to take in:
    150/2 = 75 lb.
    change 75 lb. to 75 oz.
    That’s reasonable.

    I see, though, how taken literally that the result would be very daunting. Since CrossFit is all about the science the instructors and trainers need to be careful about what is stated since the whole goal is to get pretty technical with it.

    Overall good info in the video, here is the link for convenience: http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CrossFit_AgainFaster_Hydration.mov

    I think I drank about 20 oz. of water while watching the video and I’m thirsty for more. The power of suggestion…

    1. Russell,

      I agree with your take on it as well. I watched the video and my take from it is the following:

      Example: 150-lbs. person
      150/2 = 75
      Therefore, this person should drink 75 oz of water per day (~ 6 12 oz. bottles or glasses of water).
      If the person is an athlete, an additional 16-20 oz per day should be added for every 1 hour of activity.
      So, if he does CF for one hour per day then he should drink about 90 oz per day.

      I can understand a little confusion but it really isn’t difficult to calculate. This is more reasonable than what was discussed at the end of class. There is no way someone should be drinking 1080 oz of water in one day. That’s about two weeks worth.

  4. Once again, what a good time at CFI this morning. Rather is was learning the snatch for the first time with a PVC pipe, improving on your existing snatch, determining your 1 rep max on snatch for the first time or setting a PR in snatch, everyone made great progress today! I enjoy “skill” days like today because it allows you to work on those weaknesses we all have and it makes us better.

    Kudos to those who made up “Diane” after the snatch workout. You all did a great job. Russell showed a lot of will on the handstand pushups! Way not to give up when things get difficult.

    Just a quick word on the few results thus far from the nutrition challenge. Tristan, Scott and Greg have all shown positive results from the challenge. They all lost 2-3″ in their waist measurements and lost some weight as well. The amazing thing is the weight numbers aren’t huge but the inches are big! That means they are adding muscle mass and shredding the body fat like cheddar cheese. Now that’s motivation for a long term diet change, in my opinion. Congratulations guys. I am excited for you. I hope you plan to maintain this lifestyle of eating.

    Rest day for me.

  5. Ha! That’s what I thought!
    I am 135-lbs.
    135/2 = 67.5
    So I should drink about 68oz of watter per day. (+16-20oz on workout days)
    I’m glad we got that cleared up. The way Zan figured it out I would have died of hyponatremia (not enough sodium). Thank you for saving my life guys!

      1. Okay, okay!
        you say apples i say banannas…same thing, its all fruit! hyponatremia-homeostasis, who needs electrolytes when you can have an extra 1013oz of water a day! PLUS, Jordan, i would have totaly given you some extra salt to even everything out 😉

  6. 1 Rep Max Snatch = 66 lbs

    I feel like I could have done more weight. I wasn’t increasing enough between loads since I ran out of time before I failed on a load.

  7. Today I did “Diane” at home.

    I did this on June 30th 2009 with 115lb Deadlift and a small incline with the time of 7:32

    Today I did a 135lb Deadlift a incline that allowed for my body to be almost vertical (put my knees on a table) Time: 6:39 (PR)

    This was a difficult workout strength wise. Endurance and breathing were not the issue this time around. Thanks Jeff for coaching me through this one!

  8. Just catching up on the site since being gone on travel – and just read the article on travel workouts. Happen to be in Niceville, FL so I will definitely have to try out your list of travel WODs! Caught up on Tuesday’s back squats at globo gym this morning. Should be able to talk Dwight into a CF WOD since I tagged along with him to globo today. And I brought my jump rope and kettlebell.

  9. Christina, great job today. You should be proud of all those unbroken incline pushups. You were probably no more than 25-30 degrees off vertical.

    Brandon, The Hampton Inn in Niceville has a partnership with a really sweet Globo Gym just east of the turn for the Bay Bridge.

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