Sunday 14 February

Max rounds and reps in eight minutes of:
4 Handstand push-ups
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 8 reps
12 GHD situps

Post results to comments.

Top men’s scores from the 2009 CrossFit Games:
Patrick Burke (7 rounds plus 4 HSPU), Jason Khalipa and Mikko Salo (6 rounds plus 4 KBS).

Top women’s scores:
Kristan Clever (6 rounds plus 5 KBS), Charity Vale (6 rounds plus 4 HSPU), Jolie Gentry (4 rounds plus 3 KBS).

12 thoughts on “Sunday 14 February

  1. Worked on Cindy this morning at Globo Gym since I’m on the road. Place was deserted being Sunday AM plus V-day. 10 rounds with jumping pull-ups on the last 2. Otherwise, as prescribed. Happy with my push-ups focusing on chest-to-ground but those really slowed me down throughout the workout. Need to work on those to improve on Cindy.

  2. 5 Rounds + 4 HSPU. Rx except used one abmat for HSPU. Abs are still sore from stephen!

  3. Chris did destroy this one. I was also really impressed with everyone pushing their capability on kettlebell swings and using some heavy kettlebells. Now who’s ready for the chipper tomorrow?

  4. 4 rnds plus 4 HSPU and 7 KBS. That weight was rough and made this one a lot harder than it looked. Way to go everyone on this one. There was a lot of work being done today.

  5. 4 rounds + 4 HSPU + 1 KBS. Smacking my head on the GHD machine definently didn’t help me out any! Thanks to everyone for the support!

  6. 5 Rounds + 4 HSPUs (scaled on a 24″ box) + 8 KBS + 1 GHD situp

    Great work to everyone today! Lauren I still cannot believe you were able to hit your head… that really sucks! Great job Chris for killing this WOD! Looking forward to coaching tomorrow 🙂

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