6 thoughts on “Tuesday 16 February

  1. Bench Press
    85-95-90-90-95×2 failed on third attempt.

    Front Squat
    75-85-95 then transitioned to one rep max attempts 100-105-110, 115 (f)

    110 was my old PR — looking at my book I realized that I have not done FS in a long time. I will be working on this move to ensure I can at least get 115 to tie Leah 🙂 and I plan to come after you Melissa W.!

  2. Lots of great numbers and improvement in technique from both classes. Don’t forget to claim your spot on the leaderboard. Most of the bench press and push press leaderboard is still up for grabs.

    I did front squat and bench press, 3-3-3-3-3
    FS: 200-215-225-225-230
    BP: 205-210-215-215-215

    Bench press is definitely a weakness, which is why I chose it.

  3. Front Squat

    I didn’t choose a second lift because they were all shoulder intensive (hate to keep mentioning that but it is the fact). I feel like I am making excuses. I guess an injury is a legit situation.

    I then practiced double unders by doing 100 and did a few turkish get ups (light weight) for fun.

    1. Correction on Chris’ last FS load: 205. I worked with him and know it wasn’t 105.

  4. FS: 115-115-115-120-120
    BP: 75-80-85-85-85

    Wasn’t super happy with my bench press. This just ins’t a lift I really practiced ever and it made me aware of some weaknesses in my chest that extra push-ups should help to fix. FS was nearing my O.R.M. of 130, so I’ll need to try that again soon to see how my progression is going.

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