13 thoughts on “Tuesday 23 February

  1. Worked out at Crossfit Santa Clara today. Jason wasn’t there 🙁

    We did Cindy. This was the first time I have done Cindy since training at CFI. I did 13 rounds as RX’d, and it was the first time I have done it without scaling pullups.

    PROs: Pullups were a breeze. Never came off the bar.
    CONs: Pushups were very limiting. I am sure I could have done 16 rounds if I was a little stronger in pushups (was breaking in sets of 2 with rest to finish).

    I was so close to getting a muscle up that it hurt…

    Hate to miss the Crossfit Total today!

  2. “Crossfit Total”
    Shoulder Press: 75lb
    Back Squat: 165lb (PR)
    Deadlift: 200lb
    Total: 440
    Felt pretty bad all day today. Thought I would do better than I did. I did manage to get one PR on this WOD. Can’t complain too much about that.

  3. This is my first post. I was pretty amazed at my increase in Crossfit Total today from last time.

    12.12.09 Total was 725

    160 SP
    300 BS
    385 DL
    845 Total

    I enjoy reading everyone’s post, so I will try and do a better job of posting.

  4. SP 75lbs
    BS 175lbs
    DL 185lbs
    all PR’s…but i’ve never done SP or DL for 1Rep Max before, so i could have SP 11lbs and got a PR 😉 BUT i did link 3 kipping pullups…first time i’ve ever linked ’em!

  5. It’s always fun to watch people crash through PRs on CFT. Today was no different. A few people made their first ever CFT, and several added to their existing total. Saw lots of failures, which means lots of testing your limits and growing.

    Scott, that is an incredible improvement in your total. Jakub also improved substantially and broke 1000 lbs. Zan, your pullups are just going to keep getting better and better. You and Melissa F. are going to run the markers dry trading spaces on the leaderboard. Lots of guys made big gains in back squat and deadlift: Victor, Mark, Steven, and more. Jordan, I only managed to PR one lift today as well. I was a little disappointed, but I guess I shouldn’t expect myself to PR every time I pick up a barbell, and on three consecutive lifts. Oh well, always room for improvement.

    SP: 165 (-5 from PR)
    BS: 315 (-5 from PR)
    DL: 440 (PR by 5)
    CFT: 920 lbs

  6. First time I’ve done these exercises for 1RM in a long time.

    Shoulder Press – 135 lb
    Back Squat – 235 lb
    Deadlift – 300 lb
    TOTAL: 670

    Letting a 275 and 255 lb barbells slide down your back… priceless.
    If that is what you call the mark that is left behind. I hit bottom with both of those loads and couldn’t get my legs to lift it.

  7. Shoulder press – 135 Sucks, but I just cant seem to get above it
    Back Squat – 275 PR by 15#
    Deadlif – 375 PR by 5 #

    Then I ran the 5k again. I figured I needed to beat it today since i let it beat me yesterday. 21:50

    I was impressed with all the effort today. Bunch of PRs. An awesome 1025 by Jakub.

  8. still had some slight pain in my left shoulder so no SP

    BS 305 (+60 from last time). Failed at 315 *I WILL GET IT*
    DL 315 (+20 from last). I had 325 hovering but it just was not going past my knees.

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