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  1. As usual, the Monday morning crew was shaking off Pukie while most of the world is still shaking off a hangover. Melissa decided on a run while everyone else rowed. I ran 3.9 mi on Friday, so I thought it would be more “constantly varied” for me to row. After class I rowed 5k in 19:21 (PR). My first sub-20 minute 5k row, so I’m pleased. As usual, the rower was a royal sadist. Gonna attempt some ring HSPUs this afternoon. Would like to do Garrett as Rx’d, even if it takes me both classes.

  2. Thanks, John. I used 6 today. I float between 6 and 7. I have tried lower than 6 and I feel like I’m not able to put enough energy into each stroke. I end up forcing my heart rate up because it allows me to row at an insane SPM, but I don’t get the meters done any faster than a higher setting. I’ve seen a video on the CFJ that says elite rowers row on 4 or less. Well, God bless them, but that doesn’t work for me at my current proficiency. I just don’t do well below 5. I suppose I have a lot to learn.

    What setting do you use?

  3. The run this morning was pretty brutal! I told Jeff my goal was defiantly not to walk, so I had a steady chant in my head, there is no walking in Crossfit…there is no walking in Crossfit :). I managed to do it in 31:37….Thanks guys for the support!! Everyone did awesome.

  4. Jeff, according to my log I’ve used 10 the last two 5k rows (19:47 & 19:32) but I’m comfortable at 7. I have a similar sentiment at 5 and below, just not coordinated enough. At that SPM rate I feel like I’m using the wheel to start a fire on a camp out.

  5. Did “Garret” for today’s lunch workout…

    26:29 scaled to regular HSPU.

    Never rowed a 5k so I’m looking forward to tonight’s class!

  6. I’m at work today so I had to make do with what I had.
    5k run on a tread mill 27:20.
    I attempted a max bench press and got 155lb. It was on a smith machine though so I’ll have to try that again at CF in order for that to be a real PR. I’ll have to do the same on the 5k, I don’t trust tread mills.

  7. Run or Row 5K

    Run – 24:26 YEEEAAAAAHHSS!!!!

    I mapped a 5k route around my neighborhood. My goal is 7 minutes per mile – Getting there… And this was a vast improvement over the last time I ran it, so I’m very happy with the time.

  8. Run or Row 5K

    Run – 24:26 YEEEAAAAAHHSS!!!!

    I mapped a 5k route around my neighborhood. My goal is 7 minutes per mile – Getting there… And this was a vast improvement over the last time I ran it, so I’m very happy with the time.

  9. Afternoon WOD: Garrett, as Rx’d, 1 hr 17 min 45 sec

    Thanks to David for helping me figure out the ring HSPU. I got a metcon this morning, so I decided to complete this one as Rx’d this evening even if it took me all night–and it almost did. Squats were a joke compared to the other movements. L-pullups were difficult, but actually a nice distraction between ring HSPUs. Started ring HSPUs in sets of 5. Finished in sets of 2, with the 2nd barely coming up. More like a strength day than a Hero WOD. Lots of rest needed just to attempt each set of ring HSPUs.

  10. Did Fran this morning with all the officers of my Troop and PR’d with 8:11.

    Ran 5k this evening b/c I didn’t workout this weekend. Ran 21: 57. Splits of 6:06, 7: 20, 8: 31 ( with extra .1 miles). Pretty happy with the time.

  11. 5k in 23:04. Really slow for me. Im not sure why. Could be because its a new course but I think mostly cause I didnt try hard enough. Good job today everyone. Way to go on Garett as Rx’d Jeff.

  12. Much respect to Jeff for going Garrett rx’d! It looked painful… Rowed 5k 22:28. I know I could’ve had a better time, if it wasn’t for my “ass” falling asleep on the rower.

  13. Ran 5k
    Time: 26:37

    This was the first time to run a long distance wearing my Chucks and practicing POSE. I also wasted roughly 2 minutes following the herd (Fink) into the box to early. We still had about 800m left on the 5k. I went back and completed the distance but the time is not accurate.

    Jeff, congrats on completing “Garrett” as Rx’d! I take back my estimate of completion time for myself after watching how difficult ring HSPU(s) become (quickly) and L-pullups (knew those were difficult). Glad I could help you on the ring HSPU(s).

  14. Glad to be back after a 1 week hiatus. Started to really get the itch to be in here last week, unfortunately other circumstances kept that from happening.

    Rowed 21:05

  15. A lot of great things happened tonight. Micheal was able to do a 5K row. Steven did his first 5K. Danielle choose running over rowing. Daniel joined the box today and did his first row with us… which ended up being a 5k! Congrats to all of those who set PRs. Great night for everyone. Jeff way to stick with it tonight.

    I ran ~2 miles and started to experience some extreme pain in my lower back and knee. Still recovering from a knee injury. Rowed 1000m in 5:01 after the last class tonight. Definitely need to work on both of these. 3 rounds of Max push-ups from last night 18-15-12.

  16. Did the 5km row this morning, got it done in 21:20. I’m not sure what setting it was on, from the comments it sounds like I need to pay attention to that. I want to say it was somewhere between 6 and 7, not sure though.

  17. Finished the 5k in 25:45 after leading David astray. The sad thing is that I actually made the mental effort to not screw up again. Last time I went to far, this time I cut it short. From now on, I think Jeff should follow me in a car w/ a bullhorn and tell me where to go. Sorry David.

  18. Patrick, I almost choked on a cherry tomato when I visualized your description of me with a bull horn directing you along the correct 5k path. I’m thinking a golf cart would be good as the vehicle.

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