3 thoughts on “Friday 26 February

  1. Enjoyed class this morning with Melissa and Christina.

    Able to get my name on the board for the 500m Row with a time of 1:38 before the WOD.

    Weights today:

    Overhead Squat

    Front squat

    Back squat

    Christina gave me a lot of pointers on my form throughout the movements. Thanks again for that Christina.
    Kept improving and focusing on my form with each set and I’m getting more comfortable with the movements. With that I’m getting more confidence in dealing with the weights. That should help increase my PRs for sure.

    My PR on Back Squat from CrossFit Total this week was 235. Happy with being able to get right under that with this WOD.

  2. Had a good time working with Mark tonight. My numbers were as follows:
    OHS: 145-165-175-185(PR)-190(PR)
    FS: 205-225-235-245-250(PR)
    BS: 245-275-295-280-275

    Very happy with two new PRs. Of course, I would have liked to make it three, but I understand that after all that work the third movement will be difficult to PR. The 295 back squat in the middle of the progression is probably the slowest and most difficult back squat I have ever completed. This is my last balls to the wall strength day before sectionals, so I’m happy to end on a good note.

    Oh almost forgot, PR’d in the 500m row assigned for the warmup–thanks Christina šŸ™‚ Rowed 1:29.3. I have been looking to get under 1:30 for a while, so this felt good. Well, the fact that I PR’d felt good. The minute and a half that it took to PR did not feel good at all.

  3. OHS: 135,145(f),140,145(f),145
    FS: 185,205,215,225,230(f)
    BS: 185,205,235,245,265

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