Saturday 27 February

For time:
25 Squats
25 Push-ups
25 Pull-ups
25 Sit-ups
50 Squats
50 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
75 Squats
75 Push-ups
75 Pull-ups
75 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

“Erin Cafaro Learns to Run” Part 1 with Dr. Romanov, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Dave Duprey trains for the 2010 CrossFit Games Sectional at CrossFit Milford by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

8 thoughts on “Saturday 27 February

  1. I think Ill have to stay away from this one today. I don’t think meatloaf hands will be beneficial at the games next week. Good luck to everyone though.

  2. 42:17 hoRRible time! Going into pull ups right after push ups was killer…and what ever happend to starting with 75 reps and decreasing so your last round is only 25?! i got to my sit ups in round 2 (50 reps each) and instead of pep talking myself with “your more then half way there” it was like…”SOB i gotta do the rounds 1 and 2 all over again”! Awesome job everyone!

  3. This was definitely long and grueling. Definite test of stamina. Nice job to everyone who completed it, especially to Christina who finished 3rd, as Rx’d, right after Jakub and David.

  4. This was definitely a tough one no question. I was really proud of myself today and how I “gamed” this one. I went in with a plan to partition my pullups and pushups as I knew these two movements would give me the most difficulty. I broke my pullups and pushups into groups of five. This allowed for two things I was able to keep up with my reps easy, and I was able to rest often. I stayed right around 10 seconds of rest between each 5rep set on both movements. I was able to do almost all of my situps unbroken. Squats I broke up into 25reps. Overall, paced myself well on this one. Great job to everyone today!

    Time: 37:18

  5. 39:00 flat. I tried to catch up to Christina but she was en fuego. Great job to everyone!

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