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  1. Found out what is wrong with me. Thank God no surgery but I can’t work out till next week doctors and my captain’s orders. Kind of sucks when your CO calls and tells you he is giving you a direct order to not work out but what can you do. Have fun the rest of this week and see you guys next Monday.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Tristan, but glad you’ll be getting better soon without surgery.

  3. Time: 32:22
    This one was rough. I scaled the L-pull-ups to tuck pull-ups and still ended up doing singles most of the WOD. My double unders are better than ever though! That is until I get tired, then I end up beating myself with the rope. I did 61 lb barbell squat cleans and worked on form and depth. Today I learned a lesson in hydration: Drink water or feel like garbage.

  4. Again, I was totally beat down by this workout. I scaled to:

    Three Rounds of:
    90 single jump ropes
    15 strict pullups
    15 L hold
    20 Squat Cleans @ 100lbs

    Time: 24:19

    By the way, Jordan you are all over the Crossfit main site video for Friday. Christina is too. Congrats, you two are famous now. haha!

  5. Video on the main site is uber-cool. Here’s a direct link:


    Time: 18:34

    L-pullups went well for the first 10, then quickly became triples by the second round, and then became singles by the third round. Squat cleans were just light enough that you could do them with intensity, but heavy enough to tax you. DUs after the cleans were difficult to nail because of the fatigue. Good WOD. Not something we do often. I enjoyed working out with Leah, Ginga, Jakub, Kristin, and Zan. Everybody was pretty wrecked after this one.

    Oh, during warmup I increased my consecutive double under PR from 66 to 75. Was happy about that. Have been stuck at 66 for a while.

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