Friday 12 March

2010 CrossFit Sectionals - WOD 4

Sectionals Event 4:

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
95 pound Squat snatch, 7 reps
20″ Box jumps, 10 reps

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 Handstand Push-ups
55 pound Squat snatch, 7 reps
20″ Box jumps, 10 reps

7 thoughts on “Friday 12 March

  1. Very happy with how quickly everyone picked up the snatch this morning. Like everything else we do, just get to the 80% solution and then start snatching, and you’ll get better over time. Lots of reps from Melissa F. on the gold WOD. Victor also worked out despite having some severe stomach disruptions (was he puking in there)? That shows a lot of drive and determination.

    Afterwards I did a morning WOD to supplement this afternoon’s Marine Corps PFT that I run with my co-workers twice a year. Rowed 2500m at about 75% intensity. Finished 9:44.0. I’ll be ready for a break this weekend.

  2. I really enjoyed this WOD in some sick twisted Christina way :)…… Stayed rx as far as reps: scaled hspu with 2 abs mats and scaled squat snatch to 31lbs, kept the 20 inch box jumps. Finished with 8 rounds + 3 hspu+ 6 squat snatches. Great energy this morning guys!!

  3. I didn’t know if I was going to make. By the time I got to the class at 5:30am, I had been throwing up and having liquid diarrhea since 3am. But I survived, after blessing the CFI bathroom with both of those :). And leave it up to Jeff to look at the time I spent pucking in the bathroom and add it towards the end after everyone was done… to love Jeff ;). Still recovering, at least I can now keep liquids in my stomach. Thanks for the motivation.

  4. I went to the the first day of Fundamentals today. As I expected, It was awesome. Big thanks to Jeff, David, and Christina. I look forward to tomorrow. My legs hate you, and my lungs feel like I quit smoking yesterday instead of almost 4 years ago. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

  5. Definitely struggled with this one…
    3 rounds, 5 HSPU, 5 squat snatches. Total 76 reps.

    Shoulders felt tired after a few handstand pushups and my back is tired from deadlift this week.
    Scaled the HSPU with 1 abmat.

    Ran a CrossFit Endurance WOD this evening:
    4x200m hold within 2-3sec, Rest 60sec between intervals then, 2x400m hold within 2-3sec, Rest 60sec between intervals.
    Rest 3min.
    Sprint 5sec on, 30 sec off, Complete 600m in this rep scheme.
    Extra steps taken to slow down on each sprint must be walked back to your stopping point during the rest.

    200m splits: 31, 31, 34, 34
    400m splits: 1:34, 1:32

    The sprints at the end hurt in my FiveFingers, got blisters on the corners of the ball of each foot. Planned to do this on the track, but a track meet was in progress this evening.

  6. This afternoon I did the USMC physical fitness test with a group of co-workers.
    Dead-hang pullups: 32
    Crunches in 2 minutes: 103
    3-mile run: 21:43
    Max pushups: 52 (not an official part of the event, just something we add).

    Pullups are strict dead-hang, no kip. Crunches are a ridiculously small range of motion that makes one wonder why the USMC cares about them. Run was done of the CFI course on Castle Dr, slightly modified from our 5k course. The hills and headwind were killer. Pushups were strict, chest touches at bottom, elbows locked at top. I used to do partial ROM pushups and score in the 80s. Decided that I’d better serve my fitness with full ROM and scoring less on our test.

    Afterwards we had a great Fundamentals class, and evening classes with some awesome firsts:
    Kristin: got her first kipping pullup and first double under!
    Melissa: linked consecutive double unders for the first time, linked a total of 4!
    Christina: was able to flip onto the wall for HSPUs by herself for the first time, and do it consistently!

    Awesome job, ladies.

  7. I did this as RX’d, even though I knew it would be much for me – but I wanted to compare my score to the games. I got 2 rounds + 5 HSPUS + 7 snatches. Tough workout, and I have new respect for the guys I judged last weekend.

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