7 thoughts on “Sunday 14 March

  1. I got a one rep max of 65 pounds on this one. Was tough, but fun. The atmosphere in the box was awesome today. Lots of encouragement and people to cheer on.

  2. Worked on everything I struggle with today.

    5 rope climbs ( being scared of highest makes this one difficult for me) However, keeping my eye on the target and not looking down seems to be the key!)

    20 Hand Stand Push Ups (started with three mats and got down to one on my last five! — flipping up on the wall is actually the most difficult part for me)

    40 double unders (finally got double unders last week and was actually able to link two today)

    60 box jumps 18″ box ( fear of the box is what has held me back on these. However, today I jumped 45 times on an 18″ and got my first 20″ box jump today and finished out the 15 box jumps on it!)

    Then did the pullup work out:
    10-10-15-20-25-30-35 — barely got 35 and called it a day after that.

    Overall, great day for me and had a blast during and after the WOD! Oh and Leah and Hudson I love this pic of your dogs! Glad I came upon it!

  3. Had a great time today. Was my rest day, but I performed a few weighted pullups, including a 1-Christina weighted pullup and a 1-Christina weighted bar dip. Enjoyed learning how to roll fire hoses after class. As usual (which is itself unusual), lots of firsts today. Christina got on the 20″ box and nailed a HSPU with one pad. Grant was able to do legit dead hang pullups after thinking he’d need the band. Melissa PR’d on kipping pullups with 7. Yaneth is so close to a kipping pullup that she can literally smell the bar. Lot’s of people achieved some excellent loads on weighted pullups–too many to recall.

  4. Congratulations to everyone who attended/completed Fundamentals this weekend! This was a large group and everyone did exceptionally well with all of the movements we packed into the weekend. We look forward to having you work out with us soon.

    As for afternoon class, it was a good class. As Jeff mentioned, there were many firsts again today. Thanks for the patience with sharing the belts for the weighted pullups. Kudos to Christina, Melissa and Yaneth for their accomplishments today. We had Grant, Davy and Jason stay for the WOD after their Fundamentals. Grant can do more with pullups than he expected. Davy and Jason flopped on the wall like it was nothing. Great job everyone!

    I did attempted to complete the workout. I got 5 of the 7 sets before I experienced a little pain. The loads for my five were:


    I decided to play the smart card and stop.

  5. Was not able to make the class yesterday, but still got the workout in…

  6. Fun WOD. Almost felt like a rest day because I didn’t have to run 🙂


    * means I tried to cheat with chin-ups 🙂

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