Saturday 20 March

John jumps on a box higher than 40 inches.
Patrick observes John's box jump as he prepares for a successful 49" jump.

Team WOD

Choose a partner.

When time begins, Partner 1 will begin sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP) while Partner 2 holds at the top of the SDHP position. Partner 2 will continue to hold while Partner 1 accrues 10 reps. If Partner 2 ceases to hold the top of the SDHP position (elbows come below the bar or bar drops below the clavicles) then Partner 1’s reps no longer count and both partners must rest until Partner 2 can hold the top of the SDHP position. When Partner 1 has accrued 10 reps then Partner 1 will hold at the top while Partner 2 accrues 10 reps. Each Partner must accrue 10 reps before swapping roles. The team will continue accruing reps in this way (alternating who holds and who performs reps) until they collectively accrue 100 reps for the team.

The team will then begin thrusters. In the same manner, one Partner will hold the bar extended overhead while the other accrues 10 reps. Failure to hold the bar locked out overhead means the reps no longer count and the team must rest before continuing to accrue legitimate reps. Continue in this manner until the team has accrued 100 thrusters.

Next, the team will accrue 100 squats in the same manner, with one Partner holding the bottom of the squat while the other performs air squats. The holding partner must be below parallel, but may not rest his butt against his calves at the bottom of the squat, and his heels must stay on the ground.

Finally, both partners will sprint 800m to the finish.

Depth and range of motion will be judged strictly. Load for SDHP and thrusters is 31 lbs for females and 65 lbs for males. It pays to be a winner.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 20 March

  1. More updates on Margaret from Russ Greene:

    “Margaret did some strength work today to start: sets of 3 on box squats, heavy presses, and heavy cleans. She then sprinted up a set of stairs in 28 seconds. Her previous PR was 1:10. This was her first time going up one step at a time, rather than stopping at each step.”

    1. hmm, i looked at the wods posted and i could do most of them!don’t have ringdips or MU…my pull ups arent very good but if i could link my kipping by then i shouldn’t have a problem… I don’t know if your looking for a D1 or D2 (with guys) team but i’d be down if you needed a female…could be fun!

  2. Jakub, looks like a fun event. I think we could do well with a D1 or D2 team, or multiple teams.

    Great video, Melissa. I can only imagine where I’d be if I’d started squatting at the age of 25 months instead of 25 years. Way to start her off right!

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