7 thoughts on “Sunday 21 March

  1. Was nervous going into this workout, as Im not extremely comfortable with the barbell snatch. Was a little off balance during the first 35 reps. Me and Hudson talked about how both of our forms improved the longer the workout went on. Felt much more stable on the second round of 20 reps. I guess practice makes perfect…..or in my case, acceptable enough to count as a rep. I scaled it to 85 pounds instead of 95.

    My left butt cheek has a nice bruise on it from that sweet, butt first floor plant bailout, during my final 10 reps. All in all, Im happy though. I feel much more comfortable with this movement now. Im in Decatur tomorrow night, so see you guys Tuesday.

  2. I was a little intimidated by the snatch, never having done it, and prepped by watching some youtube videos before class. I used a very low weight on trainer bar and concentrated on getting the form correct. Of course at first I was all thumbs and knew I wasn’t doing it right. Thanks a bunch to Christina for her patience and coaching of us newbies. She helped me a lot, and suddenly at one point it just clicked and I could feel is was right.

  3. Congrats to everyone today! Really proud of everyone running in the rain and get the job done today! I was highly impressed with all the new members who really brought their A game today. You guys all did great. many people attempted the rope for the first time… which is always fun to coach/watch! I concur with Daniel and Hudson that everyone proceeded to do better as the rounds went on. Overall, great class today!

  4. Running in the rain was fun! My snatch still needs a lot of work.
    Thanks Christina for helping me with my form! Everyone seemed
    Pumped today! Great class! I don’t remember my time exactly, I think
    Its somewhere in the late 20s.

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