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  1. Morning class was rocking Castle Drive with all the deadlifts dropping from full extension. Everyone challenged himself/herself with a heavy load, similar to how the Rx’d load should feel. I saw a lot of improvement in double unders as well. Lori linked her last 4 in a row, and everyone developed a pattern where they were able to DU consistently, even if not linked.

    My morning WOD:
    1000m row (3:23.7 split, PR)
    50 thrusters, 45 lb
    30 pullups
    Time: 8:15 (PR)

    I think I overdid the row. I could have added 10 seconds to my row and easily saved 10 seconds of rest between sets of thrusters. Live and learn.

  2. 225 lbs -DL, 30-30-50 on DUs. I didn’t think I’d be able to do the 50 all three times, but then found that I had cheated myself a bit and should have at least tried since I was able to get ’em done the last round.

  3. BTW, check out the CFJ preview video on Speal vs Khalipa. Not only is it a cool video, and fun to watch Speal manhandle 155 lb overhead like it’s a training bar, but check out some of the squats and pushups. These guys are some of the fittest men in the world, and even they get fatigued and can short-stroke depth on squats and not press pushups to full extension. Sometimes it may feel as if we hold you to an insanely high standard, but that’s something you should be proud of. When it matters you’ll have the full range of motion and strength you need at all portions of a movement. Just my .02

    1. Jeff,

      I’ll have to watch the video later at home.
      I enjoy the high standard, that’s what keeps us from looking like we are doing the movements to actually doing them right.

      I got the bad end of this deal on the workout a while back when I finished first on the 400m run and then had your eagle eye on my wall ball shot form and did 7-8 reps for nill. I got angry at first, but then I got a whole lot more accurate on the shot and better on my depth and form.

      I like the critiques and comments as it helps me adjust to a safer and more efficient movement and that only serves me in the long-run.

  4. 3 rounds:
    10x Deadlift 255 lb.
    50 double-unders

    Time: 20:28

    Made vast improvements to my double-unders since first trying them several weeks ago.
    I bought a jump rope this past Friday and I worked on my double-unders this past weekend while I was sick as I felt good enough to do something, just not a full WOD.

    I was a bit unsure about this workout going in this morning since I’ve been out about a week with a head cold.
    I started out well and tried to keep a good pace without overdoing it. Last 4 deadlifts I did without letting go of the bar and was able to bang out 17 double-unders in a row.

    The first round of double-unders was horrible, felt like my legs had fallen asleep after the deadlift. Had to work to get my coordination back, but once I got the rhythm down I was able to get some consecutive double-unders.

    Felt good during and especially after finishing this WOD, almost like a car engine chugging through the last bit of bad fuel in the tank.

  5. Double-Unders past the point where I no longer just hate them, I DESPISE them….They are defiantly one of my weaknesses. I really wanted to give up and just do singles, but I was glad for the push (Thanks Jeff!).

    3 rounds
    135lbs Dead lift x10
    30 DU

    Total Time: 24:06

  6. I watched that video last night. Was crazy how fast Speal made the transition from chest to overhead. It will be interesting to see how much difference his new strength based training will improve his performance at the games this year.

  7. 4:16, Rx’d

    Second set of DUs were my best. Linked ~38. 1st and 3rd were about the same, linked 15-20 in the middle and did the rest in sets of 8-10.

  8. I did 275 DL and 200 singles. I don’t know if I am retarded or not but I can’t get the DU’s. Time was 13:10.

    Good workout overall and glad there were a lot of people at the 6:15 class so I could have people yelling at me to finish so others could start. Congrats to Jordan after this WOD her arms looked liked she was attacked by a tiger.

  9. I did 155# and not having a DU I did 200 singles. I pushed hard on the time and got 12:20. Next time I’ll go 175# on the weight.

  10. Two good classes tonight. Thanks for you patience in both on running heats. It is inspiring during every workout to see people work through and finish something difficult. Today the double-unders were the battle. They can get difficult during a workout like this because once you get fatigued it’s hard to focus on something that requires such timing, coordination, and skill. For those of you who don’t have double-unders, hang in there. Double-unders come with time and practice.

    I did the workout this afternoon before the classes. I decided to scale the deadlift slightly due to my low back not feeling 100%. Last time I did a workout with 275-lbs., it took a few days to recover.

    6:48 with DL scaled to 250-lbs.

    I wasn’t linking double-unders very well today especially on rounds 2 and 3.

  11. I did the “Silver” level…215 lbs and 200 singles…. 11:53 on the time. Need to use less arms on the singles and eventually tackle the DUs

  12. 15:09
    I scaled to 165 after the first 10 I’m not quite up for 185 just yet. More improvement on DUs tonight!

  13. 6:41 scaled to 225 lbs. 275 is my 1 rep max….had to play hoops at 7:00 so i had to save my legs somewhat too. good workout.

  14. 12:13…scaled to 115lbs and did 200singles. I snuck in some double unders but they were to hard to keep count.

  15. I will always listen to my crossfit trainers!! I think 115 lbs was a good weight for this WOD this time. I’m sure I will increase next time though!

  16. Thats great seeing as how that was your pr not long ago. Now your doing it for reps! Awesome.

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