Wednesday 24 March


Back Squat

An update on Margaret from Russ Greene:

3 rounds for time: 4 lengths of her bedroom walking unassisted, 8 clean and jerks with a book. 13:41. I asked her if she wanted to work out today, and she said yes. Usually it takes a bit more encouragement, to say the least. It should be noted that this workout could have been scaled anywhere from 225 lb. clean and jerks and 400m runs for Rob Orlando to assisted walking and broomstick clean and jerks for the Margaret of two months ago. It is the particular application of a workout (aka scaling) that makes it wise or foolhardy, not a particular exercise combination or rep scheme.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday 24 March

  1. Crazy Warm-up thanks Christina 6:13 on that for me.

    Thanks to Charlie for telling me to continue to add weight even after the bad squat and to Daniel for watching form and telling me I was good with my back or not.

    Post-WOD Charlie decided it was time for me to PR so I put 270 on and squated it with full depth. Don’t worry Jeff I had two people checking depth this time so I could make sure I counted it.

  2. 7:06 on the warm up. Actually surprised me. I though I would take longer.

    65 – 75 – 85; I stopped there; my wrists and shoulders were Killing me. Christina had me row 1000m and that helped. I played around on the pull-up bars afterward and managed to do a couple of kips, in retrospect that probably wasn’t a great Idea, but I wanted a little more.

  3. 6:51 on the warmup.
    75-85-95-105-115-135…it has been awhile so that’s a PR as far as I can remember

  4. Everyone did really well last night. A lot of new members came in and tackled the back squat like champs! Was happy to see that everyone really pushed themselves to new levels last night!

    I did the Deadlift / Double-Under workout from Monday. Thanks Tristan for sticking around and supporting me on this one 🙂

    Thought I had 165 DL throughout the whole workout — as I was driving home reflecting on the WOD I realized I only had 155 DL next time I will double check before three, two, one, go 🙂 I also scaled the double-unders to 30 instead of 50.

    DL- 155
    30 DUs

    Time: 13:00

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