8 thoughts on “Thursday 25 March

  1. 115 – 135XXXX – 125 – 135 – 145XXXX – 140.

    A lot more than seven reps with all my failures. I just kept making little mistakes on the landing that turned into me dropping the weight. I feel like I accomplished a lot with form though, just from the repetition.

    Good work on 175 Jakub. Zan did an impressive 95# too.

  2. 95 – 105 – 115 – 125 fail – 125 – 135 fail – 130 fail

    Was getting on my toes way to much because I wasnt dropping under the bar anywhere near fast enough. So I was losing it by dumping it forward. Once Jeff told me to get under the bar faster, it helped a ton.

    125 felt pretty solid, but the 130 felt like it was 50 pounds heavier. So I think I may have just lucked out on my technique on the 125. Kinda like when you go to the driving range and hit 500 golf balls…..and 497 of them only make it to about 150 yards…..and the other three balls just randomly make it past 300 yards due to the dumb luck of everything just coming together out of shear pity from the heavens. Either way, the weight went up.

  3. Today went with the CrossFit Endurance workout from this past Tuesday, 5km Time Trial.
    Of course the weather was delightful… pouring rain.

    As silly as it sounds it is actually fun to run in the rain…

    Time was 22:46
    Splits per km: 4:17 – 4:46 – 4:22 – 5:04 – 4:17

    Need to work on consistency over the run and I didn’t go all out, only about 80-85% overall.

  4. Snatch

    Getting under the bar quickly, in the right position, and with active shoulders is just plain difficult. Another congrats to Zan on snatching 95 lbs. Extremely impressive. Also saw several people trying snatch for the first time, and they all developed basic competency on the snatch and overhead squat, which is an achievement. After the WOD Bill got his first muscle up. We need a cowbell or airhorn or something to really make some noise when someone gets his/her first muscle up.

    Russell, I too enjoy running in the rain. To me, it’s symbolic. I think, “What will you let deter you from training and accomplishing your goals? Schedule? Willpower? Fatigue? Rain?” I may succumb to something, but it won’t be rain. Of course, dangerous conditions are another story, but there’s a difference between that and a spring shower.

  5. I did front squats today.
    I also worked on my hamstring strength by doing some goodmornings. Squat therapy is already improving. My range of motion was much better today.

  6. I think I pulled one good snatch at 31-lbs. I still need work on this..again, thanks for helping with me this one Christina! Congrats Zan and Bill!

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