Sunday 28 March

Speal vs Khalipa WOD: video [wmv] [mov]

1 Power Clean and Jerk

1 round of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

2 Power Clean and Jerk

1 round of Cindy

3 Power Clean and Jerk

1 round of Cindy…

Perform a total of 10 rounds of Cindy and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Power Clean and Jerks.

Load for Power Clean and Jerk is 155 lbs for men and 85 lbs for women.

10 thoughts on “Sunday 28 March

  1. Time: 20:11
    I did the Speal vs Khlipa WOD, except I didn’t do the “Jerk” part of the clean and Jerk to protect the shoulder. Cleaned 85#. I also did it in my SCBA mask to try and prepare for the FFCC. Felt better in the mask today. I only freaked out once or twice rather than the entire workout…good improvement. It was good to workout with my Dad today too! He made up “Murph” with the 20# vest and got 60min flat. Good job Dad!!!

  2. This workout was a challenge, but I did enjoy it. Good to have Tristan for competition, although he beat me by not quite 1 round (punk!). We both did 115lb on the clean and jerks. My time was 28:48. Rarely have I been that sweaty.

  3. What an awesome workout! I was not really sure I could complete the sets up to 10. Never having clean & jerked before, I started with 75#. After 7th set, I dropped 10# and pushed through to complete all 10 sets in 35:35. I had ridden my bike to the box, and riding home my arms were so rubbery I had to just sit up and lockout my arms on the handlebars.

  4. Good workout with Andy. Thanks for the competition and the push to continue. Without you there I think my time would have been a lot worse.

    24:16 (s)(115 lbs.)

    I didn’t like this workout to much cause when you get the the 5 or 6 set you think you have to be halfway done but in fact your not. until about your 7 set. But it was a good rep scheme to change it all up I guess. Now I am trying to decide what WOD I want to do on my birthday next Sunday.

  5. Holy cow, that was a workout! I was pretty done on the bike ride home (Davy, I know exactly what you mean by rubbery arms- and legs). I did 85 lbs in 35:00…and was on fumes for the last 2 sets.

  6. What a workout! Glad to be back at the box. Going to Wal-Mart to do kettlebell swings got old after awhile. Thanx to everyone for the push! Melissa, you’re a GREAT motivator! My time was 30:32, with 56 lbs.

  7. 18:50 for the workout. 115 lbs scaled. Felt really tired though afte staying up late last night though. Could have broken 18 with better rest

  8. We missed the class time so Kristin and I did this one at the gym…

    25:40 rx’d Tough workout!

    Tristan, Black lung is an excellent birthday workout!
    WOD: 500m row, 25 75# thrusters, 25 pullups, 25 pushups, 25 box jumps 24″, 25 KTE, 25 1 pood KBS, 25 body weight deadlifts, 500m row.

  9. Thanks I think that is the one I will be doing. All Rx’d too. Hell yea this one is gonna be an awesome Birthday WOD.

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