11 thoughts on “Tuesday 6 April

  1. 135-150-165-175-185×1 (PR)

    180 lbs is my 1RM, so I was pretty happy to hit 175×5. I was trying for 185×5, but it didn’t happen; I failed forward.

  2. 95-115-125-130-130

    Then went to break my previous PR of 135. Got 140×1 and 145×1. I may have had more but I will take a 10 lb PR on OHS any day of the week.

    Good job to everyone tonight at the 5PM class. There were a lot of people and we had a lot of weight going overhead.

  3. 65 – 95 (failed on 3rd) – 85 -85 -85

    The entire set was a PR for me, having never done them. This was a very mental lift for me. I felt like I had to keep track of a lot of things all at once.

  4. 95 – 105 – 115 – 135 F (3 reps) – 135 F (4 reps)

    Once I got warmed up I enjoyed doing these. I had issues keeping the bar far enough back once I fatigued a little. On the 135 load, I let it creep forward and lost it….which sucked bad. Nothing sucks worse than dropping the bar on your last rep. Legs, wrist, and shoulders felt good still. Seemed like more of a technique issue. Either way, its a fail, and I need to practice this lift. Looking forward to the next time this rolls around.

    Congrats to Mason Hamstring Terry for taking top spot on the leader board…..and got it for 3 reps. And congrats to Zan too for the new PR. Awesome job.

  5. As Daniel mentioned, congrats to Mason and Zan for taking top spots on the leaderboard with 185 lbs and 105 lbs respectively…and both of them did that load for 2-3 reps.

    Also saw a lot of progress from those who aren’t very experienced with overhead squat. This is a movement that feels totally alien your first time under the bar, and getting comfortable with it is no small task. Brittany did especially well with 65 lbs x 5, and Russell was putting up some impressive loads as well. Tabitha fought hard, as usual. Victor hung around for the 6:15 and did Annie as Rx’d after his OHS WOD, and made a good time to boot.

    Even though it’s tough at first, keep pressing forward with OHS. It will make everything down to your toenails stronger.

  6. This one was tough for me. I was all thumbs on getting the form correct and felt like I was losing it half the time. Started with just the bar and had a hard time with that. Then, thanks to some good coaching from my mates and Jeff, things started to click and it got easier and I went up to 70#. This particular exercise really hits an old back muscle injury I have had for years that has never seemed to totally heal. Now that I know OHS hits that muscle, I plan to incorporated light OHS into my warm ups whenever I get the chance.

  7. 95-105-115-135 (f)-135

    OHS is something I not had much work with due to my shoulder surgery/problems. My previous 1RM was 145. I was happy with getting 135 for 5 reps. I failed on rep 5 on the 4th set. I was attempting it again on the 5th set and lost my focus on the 2nd rep. I regrouped and got all 5 successfully after that.

  8. 95-105-115-125-135(f)

    Then did 1 rep max. 145×1, 155×1 (pr by 20), 165×1(f)

    I am getting more comfortable with OHS squat now and actually enjoy the movement. Great to see everyone pushing it!

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