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  1. 14:49 (prescribed reps, but had to come up on my knees during the push-up part of the burpees)

  2. 18:04 Rx.
    500 meter row = 1:43
    My longest run of double unders in a row was 28! That’s quite an improvement from a week ago when I was doing 3 singles and one double under. Christina’s advice to slow down my singles really helped getting me into the double unders. Before I was trying to do all speed “the faster I jump and swing the rope, the better”. However I found out the opposite. I establish a steady jump on my singles (jumping higher than for singles, without really bending my knees a lot, but just pushing off the ground like a jump shot), then I do slow steady singles. After I get that rhythm (takes me about 3 singles), I start spinning the rope faster with my wrists NOT the shoulder, while my jump pace doesn’t change. Also, Jeff yesterday advised me to calm down and focus. Getting a steady breathing while focusing on a spot also helps. When I’m in the “double under zone” it almost feels like the slow motion Matrix bullet, my jumping and breathing is slow and steady while the rope is zooming past using wrist action.

  3. Victor, your explanation is exactly how one should do DUs, IMO. Slow pace, get your rhythm with singles, do a few singles, calm down and focus, then flick the rope with your wrists. Nice job today. That’s incredible improvement in DUs over the course of just a few days.

    Lonny, it’s debatable whether that’s cheating at all. Both CrossFit competitions I’ve participated in had burpees, and the standard during both was chest must touch the ground, feet must leave the ground during the jump, hands must clap while in the air, and hip must be fully extended. I don’t think a strict pushup is part of the burpee, per se. I could be wrong. I’ll check that out.

  4. 17:05 Rx

    DUs killed my time as they did earlier this week.
    I pushed it on the rowing portion (finished in 1:38-1:40) and my legs were slow to move to get the DUs started.

    Jakub who had a 4 minute disadvantage passed me during the DUs. I couldn’t connect many DUs, had to keep several singles between each DU. I’m getting better about efficiency of the movement just not very fast or able to connect many without losing efficiency. Finished the DUs at about 12:22 on the clock. Burpees got harder towards the end of course, but still weren’t the time killer the DUs were. I’ll have to practice some more at home.

  5. 34:51 as rx’d.

    I was determined to do this workout as prescribed, and David kidded that I probably did the WOD plus silver because of all the double-under restarts. (But at least I have nice slash marks on the backs of my hands!) I figured out last night that one of my issues is bouncing on the balls of my feet rather than jumping. I need to reread Victor’s comment a few times to help work out the rhythm issue.

  6. This has been the week of the “double under”. We had “Annie” and now this WOD today. However, I think it has been good. I have seen some drastic improvements with DUs over the past several days. I have been greatly impressed with how quickly some of you are picking up the DU. It took me weeks, maybe months, to be able to link DUs.

    Good class this morning. I was glad to see Greg fight throw the DUs 1-3 at a time as prescribed. That’s the way you get better. Congrats to Victor for killing DUs this morning. Kudos to Lonny for a strong finish as Rx’d (again). Everyone worked hard as usual!

  7. As to the burpee question. I think you are right Jeff. The only official burpee standards I have heard of are chest and thighs to ground, clap behind head fully extended and feet off the ground. I suppose that the standards coud be higher depending on your judge or coach but most people do not incorporate a strict pushup especially when fatigued.

  8. 8:48 as Rx’d

    Double unders were slow again today. I think I choke during WODs with DUs because I can usually link them well when fooling under in a warm-up or something.

    1. David, this may or may not help but I went through this exact same thing for a few weeks. Something about WOD DU’s was different than practice DU’s. Fatigue is always a huge factor but they became more efficient for me when I took a few extra seconds to catch my breath, then hit 5-8 singles before starting. Linking 20-30-40 was much easier for me with this method. The 10 second prep probably saved me 20-30 seconds of messing up and starting over…at least that is my theory.

  9. First WOD:
    5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 Front Squat

    185 (f on 3)
    195 (f on 2)
    205 (PR)
    210 (PR- only wish I could see what I could have done fresh)
    215 (f)

    Today’s WOD:
    13:32 as Rx

    Same old cliche about DU, though I am improving on them pretty well. Was able to link 10 at one point which is a PR.

  10. 13:10rx

    Coming into this workout, I had a goal of finishing in 9 minutes. Once I got to 65 on the double unders, my arms were dead. Finished those, and them the burpees! They hurt, but I just kept trying to keep moving….which didn’t always seem to happen. I’m glad its done!

  11. 8:27 rx’d. I didn’t anticipate how bad the burpees were going to be after the row and DU’s, but they were killer. Tough, but a great workout. Congrats to everyone at the 5:00 that kept pushing til the end.

  12. Yesterday was rough. I felt worn out by the end of the warm up. Not a strong day for me. I tried to do bronze, but on the 13th double under I hurt my knee somehow, not sure if I hyperextended it or what. When I left the army I had some knee problems, but 5 years of no running and all of the squats I’ve done (especially learning how do them properly) they’ve gotten better, but they act up from time to time. I did the row as Rx’d, so that probably didn’t help. Yesterday was bad, It will get better.

    So totals for me:
    500m row
    13 DU (plus who knows how many singles)
    25 Bupees (with no jump, my knee didn’t like it)
    Time 9:48 If I remember correctly.

  13. I did the “Gold” in 12:03

    500 m row in 1:42
    300 singles in lieu of DUs- still working on speed rope coordination before trying DUs
    40 burpees

    The heat really worked me over, plus the fatigue from a hard lunchtime ride. Heck, it may not have mattered- it was a tough workout…but I enjoyed it.

  14. time on WOD 19:37 — Double- unders and burpees got me on this one.

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