12 thoughts on “Saturday 10 April

  1. Zan and I really want to do this race!!! We think that we should come up with a CrossFit team for it. Check it out and lets pick a date! I was gonna ask some CF HSV athletes too. http://toughmudder.com/

    1. That does look pretty awesome. I’d love to do something like that, and I’ve always been interested in doing team adventure racing. We should definitely look into it as a box.

      1. Cool looks like getting a team together isn’t gonna be a problem. Now we just need to figure out when to do it. I’m down for traveling. I’ll have to save up first but I’m down.

  2. That does look like a blast. The next time one is even close though is Atlanta in what looks to be mid 2011. Could always do it sooner with some travel. I’m 100% for it. Will do some more reading and see what it involves.

  3. 39:45 RX’d

    Front squats were the death of me. Thanks to David, Jeff, Hudson, and Zan for the encouragement.

  4. 18:39 Rx’d (CFI Rx’d today was 135 lb front squat, not back squat)

    I liked the change in WOD. I haven’t worked in the ~20 minute domain with heavy weight in several days. Had a great time with everyone. Was especially glad to see Josh and Casey from CrossFit Innovate in Tuscaloosa.

  5. 27:23 Rx’d

    Did the first set of front squats unbroken. Broke them in sets of 5 until the last round where I failed on rep 10. Took them 4,3,then 2 at a time. My legs were dead after this.

    I’ve been working in some CrossFit Endurance over the week and have one I set for today. We’ll see how it goes… it’s 12x20s sprints with 2min rest in between sprints.

  6. By the way, Bill’s expression in this pic is about the most intimidating thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. We had a large crowd this morning so equipment became a bottleneck. I made a “on the fly” modification to the WOD. Back squats became front squats with everything else remaining the same. The load/rep scheme was tough with front squats but everyone worked hard to get it done. I was pleased with the effort. It was nice to have Josh and Casey from CrossFit Innovate drop-in for the WOD with us.

    The Fundamentals class was awesome! Greg, Andrew R., Kelley, Matthew, Andrew M., and Megan killed the mini team WOD today at the end of class. Kudos to Greg, Andrew M., and Kelley for winning and setting a record high of 566 reps.

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