6 thoughts on “Sunday 11 April

  1. Thanks to Andy I went with 45 lb. Dumbbells for this one.
    18:05 Rx’d

    Fun workout with everyone today. I tried at the beginning to alternate which leg I pushed back for the split but as I got tired my body went with my strong leg only. I don’t think it made that much of a difference but once I locked into the workout and allowed my body to just push through it my body went with what it wanted to do vice what I started it doing.

    1. Nice work Tristan. I wish I could have hung with you there… I had to stop doing the dumbbells because it was hurting my shoulder. On more thought I wish I would have warmed up shoulder more… I didn’t think the dumbbells would be so bad on the shoulder. I switched to bar split cleans at the end and skipped the last pull ups.

      Two days of hard workouts and I can hardly move today! love it!

  2. I couldn’t make it on time today due to a prior engagement and that, combined with the fact that my shoulders have been giving me problems made me decide to sub last Saturday’s running workout for today’s WOD. (I missed it the first time around since that was an off day for me.)

    Run 1600m 8:22
    Rest 3 minutes
    Run 1200m 6:11
    Rest 2 minutes
    Run 800m 3:57
    Rest 1 minute
    Run 400m 1:36

    Total: 26:06

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