Saturday 17 April

megan and andrew rowing

Partner WOD. Athletes may choose their partners. Each athlete will alternate working and resting in 20 second intervals. Partner 1 will work for 20 seconds while Partner 2 rests. At the end of Partner 1’s 20 second work interval, Partner 2 will begin his/her 20 second work interval and Partner 1 will rest. Alternate in this way until your team has completed the following work:

30 Squat Clean and Jerk (male: 115 lbs, female: 66 lbs)

40 Toes to Bar

50 Straight-Leg Deadlift (male: 115 lbs, female: 66 lbs)

The above reps are for the entire team, not each partner. Your team must complete each exercise sequentially before moving on to the next exercise. Reps still in progress when the 20 second work interval expires will not be counted.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 17 April

  1. 336 seconds with Christina (I think)

    I had a good time pairing with Christina on this one. 66 lb squat clean and jerk was difficult for her at high speed, but she gave it 100%. I might program this a little differently if I had to do it over again.

  2. Friday was a rest day for me. And I also wasnt able to make it today, due to helping out a family member move some furniture. It kills me to miss two days in a row, especially todays workout, because I love doing cleans.

    Instead, since I didnt get back home until after lunch time, I worked on max reps of strict hand stand pushups. Ended up getting 11 reps with full range of motion without kipping. I have a goal of hitting 20 without kipping. Time will tell……

  3. Had a function with all my recruits and their families. Pissed I couldn’t make it but I will be there tomorrow. Played softball and some football with my recruits but I guess it was an active rest day.

  4. Enjoyed this workout and got to workout with Jeff which I hadn’t done in a long time. Overall, I thought it was a good workout it was similar to both partners completing a Fran — Good job to all those who worked out! Melissa W. you did amazing I am constantly impressed with you and Leah and how you all perform while pregnant!

  5. I worked out with CrossFit Mobile. Will was very cool. Check them out next time you’re in the area.

    The WOD was partnered: 50 sumo deadlift high-pulls each at 95lb, 75 back squats each at 95lb, 100 situps each, 125 pushups each, and finished off with a 1-mile run. On the squats, we weren’t allowed to put the bar down but hand to hand it off instead. Zech and I finished in 43:03. As I type this Monday night (more than 48 hours later), my quads are still pleading for mercy.

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