14 thoughts on “Friday 23 April

  1. So excited that my friend Rachel is doing the fundamentals class at the end of the month, I think she is going to be (as Jeff would say) a real Firebreather!!!

  2. Has anyone seen my cardio? I lost it in the 90’s and haven’t seen it since. HAHA 7:28 Rx’d, although I was muscling the Hang Power Cleans and my burpees looked like a belly flop into a pool toward the end. .

  3. 8:36 with 115 lb. on the hang power cleans.

    I could do 135 on the HPC, it just seemed a little too heavy to rep it out 45 times. 115 got heavy towards the end of the WOD.

    Burpees are a love/hate type of movement; in a way it is a reprieve from other movements as you are going to the ground and football grass drills give you plenty of practice with this movement. But, then you have to get yourself up off the ground and find a way to get to a standing position to jump and clap overhead. Just when you feel like you are getting a break you have to lift yourself up. They always seem to be enough to wear you out for the next round…

  4. Couldn’t do this one due to a recent shoulder injure so I am out of shoulder movements for a bit. Instead I did same rep scheme with lb deadlift and 24″ box jumps. Did that one in 5:25.

    Thanks Charlie for being the asshole pushing me and great coaching today Hudson. For some odd reason Hudson it seems like you are everywhere at once even with a big class. Cause every 3 reps or so I looked over and there you were telling me to get back on the bar or the box. Thanks for the extra push. Good job to everyone tonight that did this one.

  5. 7:50 Rx’d

    Got the first round of cleans unbroken. Second round I broke them up to 6, 5, 4. Then the third round I got 4, 5, 4, 2. After the workout, and after I was able to breath and see straight again, I worked on wide stance box squats. Really fired up the ol’ hammies.

    Thanks Jeff for the encouragement during the WOD…..because I reallllllllly wanted to drop that bar. And awesome job on your WOD after class. You smoked it.

  6. 4:34 Rx’d on WOD

    After the 6:15 I repeated the tractor tire flip WOD from Wednesday and improved my time from 3:30 to 3:00. Thanks to everyone who stayed to push me, and even help clean up my weights. You guys are awesome.

  7. Visited CrossFit Lorton this morning in Lorton, VA. Steve (owner) was nice enough to let me workout for free again. The WOD was as followings:

    Strength work:
    Squat Clean
    5 x 3 (I only had time for 3×3)
    155 – 165 – 185

    4 rounds for time of:
    10 Hang power snatch (95-lbs)
    10 Burpees
    10 Pullups
    Time: 8:49 Rx’d

    May visit CrossFit Fairfax tomorrow.

  8. Meant to log this last night. This was my first class after straining my lower back on deadlifts last week. Tried to do the HPCs with 85. made it to rep ten before I realized that there was no way i was going to get done at that weight. Stripped 20 off and finished the work out at 9:31. I had to wait for the acid in my stomach to subside before I could drive home. Glad to be back.

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