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  1. That’s a really good video on ring dip standards. I tend to lean forward instead of dropping my hips like that. Its funny I never thought I was doing anything wrong. It makes sense though.

  2. I hadn’t thought much of it either, but as you said, it does make sense. It also makes sense in the context of work and power output. The load you’re moving is your body. For abnormally shaped loads like a human body, we approximate the distance moved by the movement of the body’s center of gravity (CG). Your CG is a single point inside your body that we use as an average of the location of all your body’s mass in 3-dimensions. Because the flesh and bone comprising your hips are fairly massive compared to the rest of your body, your hips have a large impact on the location of your CG. Thus, allowing your hips to travel vertically means much more distance moved by your CG which means more work done. (work = force X distance)

    As a counterexample, if we lean forward greatly and just move our upper body then our CG is changing very little, so much less work is being done.

    As an aside, high jump athletes are sometimes able to pass over the bar without ever bringing their CGs over the bar. By arching their body and “snaking” over the bar they reduce the work necessary for a successful jump by keeping their CGs as low as possible. The image to the far right above is an example, although I’m sure they often do bring their CGs over the bar, but they don’t bring them any higher than they have to!

  3. You can definitely tell Jeff is a mechanical engineer. Great explanation, Jeff.

  4. Funny that video and a video of Robb Orlando doing just the opposite were posted on the same day. Not to take anything from Robb. He’s a tremendous athelete.

    1. I agree… I was going to post both videos and then watched the Rob Orlando video said… umm maybe not.

  5. 140lbs/17:41
    I tried to do the dips as legit as possible. I had trouble locking out as I got tired and had to kip like crazy. The back squats felt good. It was the first time I used my Rogue weightlifting shoes and I felt really stable with them on. I also did the FFCC course before the WOD tonight. I can’t remember my exact time but it was 5 something and thats another minute off my last time. I’m feeling better and better every time!

    Everyone is invited to Albertville on May 8th to see me compete! Jeff has directions available for anyone interested.

  6. 250 lbs/ 8:58

    Hudson, I thought that ironic as well. I’m not going to lie–my last round of ring dips was ugly. However, my first 4 rounds were pretty legit. I also had to kip hard in later rounds. I decided on the last round to let form degrade a little to keep intensity, because I would have had to rest a long time between reps to get 100% legit hip travel and range of motion. I was also pretty intent on keeping under 9 minutes 🙂

    Jordan, your time was 5:04.35. That’s more than a minute better than run #2 and more than 2 minutes better than run #1. Everything was unbroken. You absolutely kicked ass. Can’t wait to see you in the FFCC in Albertville weekend after this one.

    Davy and Grant really improved their squats today. Excellent depth. Strong work from everyone on this one, and congrats to Tabitha for grunting through almost 30 minutes of her modified WOD (push/pull hell). Jeanette’s getting strong as well–no more green band for her.

  7. 14:36 245lb squat and 20 bar dips for all 5. My dips failed early. Did sets of three in a row toward the end. Had an Army PT test this mornng. That prolly took a bit of a toll on the tri’s.

  8. Time 15:26 on this scaled version.

    115lb back squat
    ~3 rind dips
    ~10 bar dips
    Dips were the most difficult part. Broke down after the first round. Thank you Jeff for keeping me honest on the back squat depth 🙂 I obviously need to do this WOD numerous times. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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