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  1. 150 f**king wallball shots? I think I’m coming down with something. *cough* *cough*

  2. This is a WOD I probably need to prepare me for regionals, as wall ball is a weakness of mine. I linked 50 a couple weeks ago, so my goal is to link 60 today. After that the wheels may very well fall off.

  3. Accuracy and efficiency coupled with short rest intervals is key, IMO. And don’t forget to tell that inner voice to screw off.

  4. When you add the qualifier that the wallball shots have to be on target, this becomes a real killer. For me that must’ve resulted in at least 250 attempts, and that with a 14lb ball.

    Anyone have any advice about donating blood and doing a WOD the same day?

    1. Davy, I would advise not to do a WOD the same day of giving blood.

    2. Davy, don’t do it. Just take an extra rest day. You’ll be better off than if you work out. I mean, I don’t want to sound dramatic. You won’t die or anything, but still it’s an easy answer. Rest.

  5. With five people at the lunch class Hudson was saying “no for hight”, “no for target”, and “no for depth” ….a lot! 🙂 I enjoyed the workout — I think i really just like working out with Leah haha — I broke my wall balls into sets of 10 this seemed to work well, however, I probably should have done the first 3 to 4 rounds with sets of 15 and rested less. My time was 18:19 with the 10lb ball. Had the feeling at 19:19 that I could have gone faster. I guess next time we will see. I did like how Leah and I formed a barricade with the plyo boxes — our side of the gym did not get called on depth as often 😉

  6. Good lunchtime class today. Chris M destroyed it in under 10 min with all legit wall balls. Davy, Chris D, Leah and Christina all pushed through even through all my negative comments.

    This is a very frustrating WOD, especially when you have someone telling you that all that work you just did doesn’t count. Some of you were probably thinking, if I go to full depth and throw the ball at least ten feet, why the heck does it matter if I don’t hit the target? I have felt the exact same way when doing it a few months ago. Russel Berger had to “kindly” remind me that real life fitness is about being proficient at all general physical skills including accuracy. Nature will not trade a deficiency in one skill for a strengh in another. If a task requires that you control an external object accurately, no amount of strength or power will make up the difference. An example would be the sledgehammer workout at the 09 games.

  7. 11:11 Rx’d

    When I hit rep 95, Jeff finished rep 150. At that point, It was confirmed that I was in for a long night. Was happy with the fact that I only had to take away 3 reps from myself. Bill pushed me on this one. We finished 7 seconds apart.

    Fun celebration time tonight after the WOD. My life’s quest for the perfect BBQ rib has finally come to and end. The challenge sessions to follow were a blast too. Wish someone would have caught my mighty fall…..otherwise known as “Watch Daniel Ride the Stack of Bumper Plates Like a Pommel Horse All the Way to the Ground”. Pretty sure it would have been a youtube sensation.

  8. 7:14 as Rx’d

    Zan and Patrick killed this one. Absolutely incredible performance.

    Hudson, great reminder of why accuracy counts. I think I logged about 10-15 misses tonight.

    I want to sincerely thank all of you for the surprise party after class. I’ve never had a better birthday, and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else. I am truly blessed.

  9. 7:16 or 7:45 rx’d. I might have misplaced a set of 10 in the 80-90 rep range, so I went ahead and did an extra 10 just to be sure, resulting in my second time of 7:45.

    It was great hanging out with Jeff and everyone else after class for his birthday party. Kudos to Christina for planning a great surprise and providing us all with tasty BBQ from the one and only Chuckwagon. Thanks so much for including all of us in Jeff’s b-day! Lisa and I definitely had a great time.

  10. Great job to everyone who either meet “Karen” for the first time or decided to pay her another visit. Kudos to Zan, Patrick, and Jeff for their stellar times!

    I made up Wednesday’s WOD for a time of 24:36. Once again, muscle-ups were my problem. I linked the first two, then did a single. I missed the fourth trying to link. Then it was downhill from there on MUs. As frustration set in on about the third round, I remembered Jeff’s advice to pull more with my arms and kip less. I begin to do this and started hitting them again with more ease. Bottom line is I have to work on muscle-up stamina and form (another weakness). I think it’s mostly form. The big kip is hurting me more than helping.

    I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone post WOD classes for Jeff’s birthday. Jeff, I want another HSPU challenge. I can’t settle with losing due to losing my balance. Thanks to everyone for the support during the max height box jump challenge between Tristan, Daniel, and me. I would not have jumped 49-1/4″ (PR) without the motivation. I love the CrossFit community!

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