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  1. 115, 115, 125(4), 120(4), 120(4).

    This workout was an excercise in humility and frustration. I have actually gone down in shoulder press over the last six months. I asked David to watch me to make sure my form wasn’t screwed up. He basically told me my form was great Im just a wuss.

    1. Hudson, I share your frustration on this wod. For some reason, I just didnt have it today.

      95 – 115 – 135f – 125f- 120

      Enjoyed watching the women at 6:15 class fight to put some impressive weight overhead. Good stuff.

  2. 105, 115(4), 110, 115, 120(3)

    Enjoyed working with Scott and Greg Bacon. Kudos to David for kicking ass one rack over.

  3. Decided to finally make up Total tonight.

    For comparison, here is my previous Total on Feb. 22:
    Press: 135
    Squat: 235
    Deadlift: 300

    Total: 670

    Tonight for some reason my shoulders felt tired during and after the warmup, I’m not sure if that is because it was a DC-designed warmup or adopting the Regional standard for HSPUs. My shoulders just felt dead after the warm up. Tired from swinging my arms on a 10km run?

    Shoulder Press: 155, 165x, 160x
    Barely got 155 up with a slight dip and was finished after that. Pretty frustrated at this as I’ve pressed 165 overhead for a WOD several times before today.

    Squat: 250, 265, 300
    Back started to round out on 300 but made it up nonetheless. Pretty excited about that PR. Positioning the bar lower on my shoulders has made a huge difference since I started in February.

    Deadlift: 365, 405x, 385x
    A bit overambitious here. 405 moved a little, but I didn’t notice it until I let go and felt the weight fall out of my hands. 385 came up to my thighs, but I couldn’t straighten out my back totally. Nonetheless I was very happy with this.

    TOTAL: 820

    Very happy overall with this score. 65 lb. PRs on back squat and deadlift and a 20 lb. PR on shoulder press. I feel like I should have about 15-20 lb. more on shoulder press just didn’t have it today. We’ll see what happens next time.

    People were working hard on the workout today. Enjoyed talking to those that attended Regionals about their experience.

  4. 85, 95, 105 (2), 100 (4), 100 (5)

    Like the strength days. Its good to have these benchmarks early on for a crossfit beginner. Can’t wait to do this one again to measure some progress.

  5. It was great to be back at CFI after an awesome but tiring weekend in Jacksonville! Oh, before I forget, there will be a CFI team next year competing in the Affiliate Team events. The 6:15 class was good tonight. We had Ryan working with us for the first time. He busted out HSPUs like they were candy during the warm-up. Congrats to Russell for his gains on his Total! Everyone worked hard on shoulder press!

    I did the WOD with the 5:00 class.


    Then, Hudson, Greg F., Greg B. and I did the row burpee workout from Regionals.

    For time:
    500 m row
    25 burpees
    500 m row
    25 burpees
    Time: 7:12

    This would not have been fun after three workouts the day before. Kudos to all the men and women that killed this one at Regionals!

  6. 45-46-51-56 (4) f – 51

    I too have experienced some strength lost in my shoulders. However, I am sure in the long run they are getting stronger. It was great being back at CFI!

  7. 105-115(4)-95-105(4)-95
    Good workout. This was my first time doing this workout so it was nice to get a baseline for where I am on shoulder presses.

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