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  1. We want to have another social event soon, and it appears that this weekend is our best opportunity for a few weeks. We tried to choose somewhere family-friendly, entertaining, and group-friendly, so we chose Mikato Japanese steakhouse off Jordan Lane. So join us this Saturday evening, June 5th, at 7:30 P.M. for CrossFit Impulse family night at Mikato Japanese steakhouse.

    A link to the location on google maps is on our website’s front page. Hope to see you guys there. I’m looking forward to it. If you know for sure you’re coming, please shoot us an email and let us know so we can plan accordingly.

    1. Great Morning Workout even though it was running. 3:16, 3:27, 3:25, 3:27. Took about 3 min rest. Tried to make it a 1:1 work rest cycle. Signed up for a Sprint Triathlon in August so I had better lose this hatred for running rather quickly.

      I am planning on attending the social as well. Look forward to it.


  2. Aw man! We have a wedding to go to in B-ham… I don’t think I have been able to make it to a single CFI social event. Will make it to the next one!

    Yesterday’s WOD
    135, 160,170,185 (f) on 3rd, 135

    Looks like we will do the WOD at the house tonight…See-Ya tomorrow!

  3. 3:26, 3:59, 4:04, 3:53

    Going to miss the social. I have drill this weekend so we are heading to church Saturday night since I’ll be working Sunday morning. Enjoy.

  4. 2:53, 3:03, 3:06, 3:04. Good 11:30 class today. Everyone pushed really hard even in the heat.

  5. 2:53, 3:15, 3:30, 3:04. Tough workout. It was good to have Hudson to chase after.

  6. 2:55, 2:52, 2:57, 2:59

    Thought I was going to get a visit from pukie the clown on that last run, trying to keep it under 3:00. Fun workout minus the heat, humidity, and one driver with road rage who attempted to run over David and me AND then call the cops on us. I’m sure one look at both David and Jeff with their shirts off and he would have reconsidered.

  7. Patrick, awesome repeats. If you keep progressing like you have been, I can’t imagine where you’ll be this time next year.

  8. 3:05 / 3:30 / 3:28 / 3:31

    I have to work on running. Man, my weakness list just keeps getting longer. Patrick, that guy didn’t stop because he saw you with your shirt off. Kudos to Davy for over taking me like I was standing still on the last round!

  9. 2:55 – 3:17 – 3:21 – 3:15

    Patrick inspired me to try for the sub 3 min for each round. It didnt happen after the first round, but I am happy with my final totals. I left it all out on the road, and had nothing left in the tank at the end. Thanks to Tristan for letting me use his watch on this one. I think it made me faster.

  10. Patrick definitely gets the kudos for today with sub 3-minute intervals on each and every round, including keeping a cool head and evading an aggressive driver. This is as good a chance as any to remind everyone to be vigilant in looking for cars when running our 400m and 800m course. However, don’t worry about people that act foolishly. If it’s simply foolish, just be the bigger man/woman and let it go. If it’s foolish and dangerous, then David and I will handle the situation politely and professionally. There’s a high mental and physical price to pay for choosing fight vs flight. Know when it’s necessary. My .02.

  11. During the 5:00 class:
    3:35, 3:42, 3:54, 3:56

    During the 6:15 class:
    Did the Row/ Burpee workout from Regionals w/ Zan .
    500 meter row
    25 burpee w/ab mat
    500 meter row
    25 burpee w/ ab mat
    Time: 9:26
    Zan got me on this one… however, we both beat Jordan’s time by ~20 secs — which I have decided I think Jordan needs to do three workouts the day before we workout together from here on out 🙂 I might have a chance then! Great workouts in both classes — always a great time at CFI! Congrats to Elisabeth with her 135lb deadlift a 50 lb PR!

  12. 4:27, 4:26, 4:14, 4:10… not sure how it happened, but got faster on each round. Also, I heard about the car incident, and I feel the correct response would have been for you two to simply flip his car over. Why practice flipping tires if you can’t use those skills in real life? Plus that would have given you huge bonus points on the wod…

  13. Did great on the first heat with a time of 2:47, but then rolled me ankle almost halfway through the second heat. I was feeling great, but lost my concentration running on the sidewalk. I would say that I learned my lesson and will run in the road from now on, but I don’t want to risk stupid people with road rage trying to run me over. I heard the honk while hobbling back to the gym, saw the guy stop and I thought, “dang it, I have to hobble all the way back down there and make sure David doesn’t hurt somebody!” I’m glad nothing more came of that. I will be wearing a brace on all running wods from now on, though. I rowed the rest of the distance, 2 800m heats at 2:45, 2:45, then 500m in 1:37.

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