Thursday 3 June

David configures the rower for his athlete.


75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday 3 June

  1. 5:05 for Randy. Muscled most of them up. Form was nothing much to look at. Those class times are all tough for me. Currently I am mostly 0530 MWF and 1130 T and TH.

    One side bar. The woman in the pic here is wearing skins compression socks. I read a bit about them and their ability to possibly help with shin / calf pain while running. Does anyone have any insight on this. (And please don’t say that they rock just because you want to see me running around in them looking like a back up dancer for Flashdance) I was just wondering since my shins and calves often hurt when I run.

  2. Greg, first, impressive time on Randy. Next, I have talked with a few athletes about Skins and I usually get the same answer: I don’t really know why they work, but they do. However, this has mostly been in regards to recovery. The athletes I have talked with recommend wearing them to bed after a WOD that tears up your legs. They say they awaken feeling “better.”

    I have never tried them. I would be interested to hear some more first or second hand reviews.

  3. 8:20 using 65lbs. This was a great workout for the first-time snatcher like myself. Low weight and high reps made for ample opportunity to work on form the kinda ‘get’ it. By the end of the WOD, I was feeling much more confident in the maneuver and concentrating on getting my arms locked out while dropping under the bar, versus having to partly press the bar to lockout. Hudson did a lot of great work coaching.

  4. 4:29 Rx. Muscle Snatches the whole time. I wasn’t sure If my shoulders would be able to do it, and planned on switching to power snatch but was able to keep a good pace so I kept up the muscle snatch.

    Enjoyed coaching everyone today. Lots of effort and motivation shown at all classes. I saw a lot of improvement on the snatch from all the atheletes. Congrats to Brian on his first metcon at Impulse. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to finish and ended up being the first done at the 6:15 class.

  5. 9:21 Rx

    Just felt like my body didn’t want to move on this. Think I need to cool it a bit, my body seems to be telling me to rest after a 10km PR and Total this week. Focused on using my hips during the movement to save my arms and legs. As I wasn’t breaking any speed records I tried to make each rep good form-wise.

    Did anyone check out the videos of Hallie Kuhlman from the main site?
    Holy cats! She won the 100m, 200m, 400m, and 800m Kansas state championships as a Freshman and now as a Sophomore.
    I saw a post about her on the CrossFit Endurance website a while back and she trains with CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance, and some sprint focused work. She has some powerlifting state titles under her belt as well. Check out the videos, she dominates each race.

  6. 7:22 Rx’d

    Thanks Hudson you helped me out tremendously. This work-out showed my weaknesses, cardio and form but I am happy to have done it Rx’d.

  7. 7:08 doing 31 lbs. Since the snatch is not my friend I figured I better stay with the weight ive been struggling with and work on the form. Next time we do this I’ll definitely increase the weight. thanks for the coaching Hudson. Ol’ flexy (aka zan) went rx…great job girl!

    If those socks work…i need me some! šŸ™‚

    Im in for the saturday social. I think melissa n. said she would make it as well.

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