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  1. 2 and 2/3 rounds completed with 3 ab mats and I could only do 20 inch box. I almost got my very first pull up tonight, so i’ll keep working at it.

  2. Did this at the ufc for time purposes. Had a poor workout station, but managed to do it Rx’d and completed 4 rounds and 14 double unders.

  3. 7 rounds + 20DUs + 1BJ ~rxd

    There was a few HSPU’s that probably wouldn’t have counted, and my first set of lunges were not to spec. It helps to pay attention to instructions prior to the WOD!

  4. Just read an interesting article in the CF Journal about delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. I thought that Jeff would like this one considering we both just thrashed our bodies at regionals last weekend, but I encourage anyone to check it out. I was especially interested in the part about post WOD stretching and the use of anti inflammatories. Thought I would share with my CFI family!


  5. Went rx’d. I got 5 rounds + 20 db’s + 10 box jumps + 3 lunges. Was fighting to finish that 6th round, but fell 7 reps short. After class, I decided to try bar muscle ups. I can do ring muscle ups, but the bar muscle ups have always had my number. After a few trys, I was able to get my first 2 tonight. They weren’t linked, they were singles.

    Good job to Lonny on stroking out those HSPU’s tonight.

  6. Jordan, the link was broken for me, but I think this is the article it references:


    Great discussion on DOMS. Shows how little we actually know about this whole “exercise” thing. I also like that it hits on the fact that we don’t really know if stretching or massage is overall beneficial, or the best way to warm up. Much of what we do is based on experience and our best guess at this point in our understanding of physiology.

    Lots of great work tonight in Fundamentals and both evening classes. David and Patrick made excellent scores, as usual. Lonny also fought hard and really improved on HSPUs. Erin showed a lot of promise on HSPUs and almost got a kipping pullup. I bet she’s kipping through WODs before Independence Day. And finally, Jordan shared a really innovative method of training the muscle up. It’s going to be awesome for athletes who are very close to a MU but just can’t get the fell of it. It’s best explained with a picture rather than words, so here you go:


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