14 thoughts on “Tuesday 22 June

  1. 1. This is the second time in a row I’ve been resting for a WOD with rope climbs. Damn my luck.
    2. I hope reddingfit.com is not sold out of those shirts before I place my order.

  2. 43:04
    Scaled to Gold: 5 rounds of: 800m run, three 15 ft rope ascents, 35 pushups
    Finished four rounds and the fifth 800m run prior to cutoff.
    This was on hurt!

  3. As a precaution, I didn’t want to over work my shoulders. I decided to work on one of my many weaknesses, rowing.

    5K row
    Time: 20:27

  4. 40:46 Gold.

    To say that this WOD was rough is an understatement. I think we were all a little too close to heat exhaustion. Still, it was fun (to finish) nonetheless. Quick rope climbs were my saving grace.

  5. 38:31 Gold

    Me and Jordan stared at the white board for about 10 minutes discussing why we should or shouldnt do this as Rx’d. Short story, we agreed that we would both go RX’d……2 minutes later we both went Gold.

    I am curious though if I could have gotten the extra 75 pushups and 10 rope climbs (spread over the 5 rounds) in under 50 minutes. Would have been a stretch. Next time I’ll find out. For now, Im super pumped to have finished Gold in under 40 minutes.

  6. 43:32 Gold
    the run took alot out of me. My shoulders cramped up really bad. I saw several people doing the gorilla run, so I know I wasn’t alone. I’m glad we decided to scale this one. The 45 min cut off would have got me for sure.

  7. 32:53 Silver (but with 3 rope ascents)
    That would be 4 rounds of 800m run, 3 rope ascents, 25 pushups. I should have done another round. I will next time.

  8. Congrats to everyone who finished this killer WOD, especially those who went gold or Rx’d (did anyone go Rx’d?). Daniel turned in a monster time of 38:31 at gold, by far the fastest of the day. Justin was also really killing this one. He climbs the rope in 3 pulls, which is a rarity for someone less than 6-feet tall.

  9. Gold scale: 5 rounds of 800m run, 3 rope ascents, 35 pushups.
    Time: 39:46

    Pushups were the weak link for me on this one. I was down to doing singles by round 2 or 3.
    My pushup capacity was burned from Monday’s WOD of lunges and burpees.
    Rope ascents were better today than the last time I did them in a WOD. Focused on making my pulls on the rope as long as I could make them. Also, my foot clamp got better so that saved my arms a little bit.
    The run was pretty miserable in the heat, my poor choice of black clothing felt like it was just soaking up the heat from the sun.

    Strength work before the WOD, 5 reps of deadlift at 325.
    Did some work on Double Unders after the WOD, got up to 14 in a row.
    My DUs are like lightning; a flash of brilliance, then its gone, and they never strike the same place twice.

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