Wednesday 23 June

Daniel and Zan performing pushups

Three rounds for time of:
50 pound dumbbell Thruster, 15 reps
30 GHD situps

Rebecca Voigt 5:45 (35lb db), Mikko Salo 5:53, Kristan Clever 6:03 (35lb db), Miranda Oldroyd 11:13 (40lb db). Post time to comments.

A Primer on Testosterone

A Roomful of the Fittest“, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Miranda Oldroyd WOD demo (with supplementary Chest-Cam footage) – video [wmv] [mov]

29 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 June

  1. Cool photo!

    Once again, love the morning class. Adjusted the workout for my capabilities. Did three rounds of 15 reps of thrusters with 35 pound bar and 25 GHD situps. Time= 9:47. ( And, for the first time ever in warmups, I used the blue band for my pull-ups instead of green 🙂

    I was so impressed with everyone- especially the men using those awful kettle bells! EA looked hot!!

  2. Photo looks awesome. Hope to see more edited photos from now on.

    I don’t think I did one GHD situp correctly in the first round. It was all abs and lower back. I need some training. Decided to do the last 2 rounds on the abmat.

    Greg B and Jonathan worked a lot harder than me.

    1. EA, we can work on those GHDs. The good thing is that you got some exposure to them.

  3. Man, the morning class has a lot of energy for 5:30 am! I enjoyed coaching you all this morning. Thanks for your patience on the GHD bottleneck. Everyone worked hard as usual. Both Erin Brown and Erin Atkins did a great job! Kudos to Megan for claiming a spot on the leader board for consecutive double unders during the warm-up!

  4. Great Class this morning!!

    45lb BB Thrusters x15
    20KTE instead of the GHD situps

    Time: 5:58

    Congrats to Megan this morning for the DU!! I knew you could do it!!!

  5. This morning was pretty much amazing!!! Great workout with a great group…so much support from everyone!! I did 3 rounds of with 45 lb BB and 25 GHD for a time of 9:05. Loved it and great way to start a day.

  6. Regarding edited photos: I’d like to do it more often, but I have a few issues. If anyone can suggest some better options, I might be able to improve our WOD photos.

    1. Any jackass can make a photo black and white. I try to not just cop out and go B&W just for the sake of being artsy. However, sometimes it absolutely fits and makes the pic look cool.
    2. I use MS office picture manager to crop, resize, etc. But the editing features are very slim. I am not a professional photographer, and I don’t plan to buy or learn a full featured product like Photoshop. Right now my method is to email the pic to myself (cropped from MS photo editor) and use the iPhone app Best Cam to apply filters. Then I email it back to myself. This feels kind of lame, but gets the job done.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to better edit photos, especially if an online web-app could do it, then I’m interested.

    1. Jeff, I can understand not wanting to pay the money or spend the time on a program like Photoshop. Plus there are many levels of photoshop (non that I recommend except for the Creative Suite). I would suggest the freeware program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), it has alot of capabilities that Photoshop has but its open source and its learning curve is more shallow than Photoshop.

      Greg caught my time at 14:XX but I can’t freaking remember what he said. I did learn that the GHD sit up is one of the few movements you cannot get too quick on. At the end I could feel my brain sloshing back and forth and my vision was going crazy.

    2. Jeff,

      Steven is right on target – GIMP is free and should be a great tool for editing photos. I use Photoshop at work and that is obviously the gold standard, but I’ve installed GIMP at home and used it prior to buying my Adobe package. There is also a Hipstamatic app for the iPhone that might be easier to use with your current method.

  7. 14:55 with 30 rep GHD situps and 45 lb barbell thrusters. I just really can’t say it enough. You people are so freaking awesome. The dudes were killing it on the KB thruster. The girls were just crazy fast (with the exception of me). Lindsey inspired me this morning with her push through the pain attitude. Plus its just fun to hang out with cool people before the sun comes up on a Wednesday. Hope yall have a great day!

  8. Jeff, I’m no expert at photoshop, but I can do some cool stuff on there. I’m willing to help out with photo editing if there is a need.

  9. OK. The GHD machine made me its ______. (keeping it PG) Currently I am at the blackboard writing “I will always listen to David’s guidance before a WOD” a hundred times since he tried to warn me that GHD sit ups were no joke and if you hadn’t done them you might want to scale. I figured I did like five at fundamentals like 3 months ago so I would be good! SOOOOOO wrong. WOW. It hurts to cough even. 13:4? with 53# KB thrusters and 2 rounds of GHD and 1 of ABmat. Terrible. On a brighter note, the vibe in the am class is amazing. I would like to offer the smack talk quote of the day between Megamann and Erin Brown just prior to the WOD: Megamann: “You better bring it!” Erin Brown: “Oh I am takin you to Brown Town!” Loved it.

    1. Greg, you must have missed my follow up:
      “We’ll see who the real Mann is”

      Aaannd, this morning, the real Mann was Erin. But I’ll get her next time!

      1. and then me in the background: “you guyyss! we’re on the same team!” 😉

  10. This morning was awesome! Everyone did a great job. I have to say that having everyone there constantly cheering you on is the best part of crossfit for me. I find myself being able to push myself further than I would on my own. I did 3 rounds with the 35lb bb and 25 abmat situps for a time of 8:25.

  11. I will agree to the gimp recommendation for photo editing. It is extremely powerful. It is also free. Bonus points for sure.

    13:05 – used 45# dumbbells. I feel like someone punched me in the stomach a hundred times. That GHD is rough!

    1. Let’s talk Friday and see how sore your hip flexors are. Mine are already starting to tighten up. I am definitely looking forward to tonight’s one-legged pigeon pose….(towards Megan and Melissa) yoga…not dirty.

    2. It usually takes a day or two to feel the grunt of the soreness. Be patient, it will come.

  12. Sounds like GIMP is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks, guys!

  13. 8:05 with 26lb w/ kettlebells

    5PM did great today! It was nice to have Ryan stop in with us…hope to see you again soon! I like how Bill came in quite and left the same — it was like he was just taken it all in 🙂

    Have to say after round one my legs just did not want to move anymore! Had a lot of fun with the all girl class at 6:15 — I like playing 6lb ball toss 🙂

  14. I think our coaching schedule for this week must have been leaked, because only ladies showed up for my 6:15 class. (jk) Was impressed with everyone’s intensity. Several athletes challenged themselves on the GHD or with heavy thrusters.

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