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  1. It was nice to see some new faces this morning!

    Silver- 35:35 (or 35:25??) with 31 lb barbell snatch squats and blue band pullups. Got my first callous rips ever this morning. yay… (sarcasm)

  2. Holy Moly… I have set a goal to get my Muscle-Ups while I am pregnant. That chick is bad a**!! This workout was a lot of fun this morning and it was nice to see all the new faces. I was kinda disappointed in myself, because I had to switch from kipping pull-ups to band assisted after round one. I felt some uncomfortable pulling in my belly and I was just exhausted…

    3 Rounds 15 reps each
    1st round x2- 31lb BB squat snatch and Kipping pullups/ 30 sec L-holds
    2nd round x2 -15lb KB squat snatch and blue band asset pullups/30 sec L-holds
    3rd round x2 -15lb KB squat snatch and blue band assets pullups/ 30 sec L-holds
    Time: 34:10

    Great job Morning Crew!!

  3. Fun class to coach this morning. Some of you were able to 1-arm squat snatch for the first time, which is difficult at any load. Congrats. Also saw lots work on pullups during the warmup. Erin and Megan are both on the hairy edge of kipping pullups. Probably just a couple weeks away. Erin was also able to hold a solid L-hang for an impressive amount of time.

    Everyone is getting stronger, faster, and building their hands’ capability to do more physical work. And you guys have a great time doing it. I’m proud of all of you.

    My morning WOD:
    5 Rounds
    500m row (fastest 1:45, slowest 1:51)
    75 double unders
    Time 20:40

    1. amen, sister! My hands are oozing in a couple places and i have a nice neosporin-filled band-aid across my palm. mmm. sexy…

  4. 25:30 15 reps, 25lb KB Squat Snatch and blue band assisted pull-ups.

  5. First CrossFit class today and I had a lot of fun and made getting up that early that much less painful. I look forward to getting to know you guys (and remembering names). Thanks for the motivation to get through the WOD, that was definitley my first of many ass-kickers to come.

    38:10-10 Reps, 31lb Barbell snatch/green band assisted pull-ups/30-sec L-hold.

  6. Today was my first class also and it was great! Thanks to Hudson for his help with my constantly challenging form corrections. Gean, Leah and Christina a big shout out to you guys for showing me how it’s done!

  7. 27:13 Gold
    Three Rounds of:
    15 reps 18lb kettlebell squat snatch right arm
    15 L-pullups
    15reps 18lb kettlebell squat snatch left arm
    15 L-pullups

    Really difficult workout. My one-armed squat snatches were ugly as were my last round of L-pullups. Loved working out with the 11:30 class though. Leah you are a great motivator … ” Christina, how many more do you have?” … “Three… what are waiting for get on the bar!” Thanks Leah 🙂 Michelle it was great to be apart of your first crossfit workout! You did great! Conversation between Hudson and Michelle — Michelle didn’t you finish three rounds? Yes, I thought I would go ahead and do four because everyone else is still working… Love it Michelle 🙂

  8. 31:03

    41 lb bar for all snatches.

    1st round: 15 snatches, 15 dead hang pullups, 15 snatches, 15 dead hang pullups, 30 sec tuck hold on pullup bar
    2nd round: 15 snatches, 15 kipping pullups, 15 snatches, 15 kipping pullups, 30 sec tuck hold on pullup bar
    3rd round: 15 snatches, 15 kipping pullups, 15 snatches, 15 kipping pullups, 30 sec tuck hold on pullup bar

  9. 30:54

    Used a 44 pound kettlebell instead of 40 pound dumbbell. Did my L pull ups as legit as I could. They got ugly fast, and turned into kipping L pull ups. Good to see new faces.

  10. Awesome 5:00 class today! A lot of new faces that were good a sweaty at the end of “Joshie” Really impressed with all the heart and effort put into this wod!

  11. Joshie (modified)
    3 Rounds
    21 kettlebell power snatch, right arm, 2 pood
    21 L-pullups
    21 kettlebell power snatch, left arm, 2 pood
    21 L-pullups
    Time: 29:02

    Modified to accommodate a small hip injury I’m letting heal. This was one of the mentally toughest WODs for me in a while. At one point in round 1 I decided that I should scale the 2 pood power snatches to 3 rounds of 21-15-9 instead of 21-21-21. Then I remembered it was a hero WOD and said, “Nope, I just might be here all night.” Glad I proved to myself that I could finish.

  12. Great day to come back!! Joshie trashed me. Went from Gold to bands on the pullups, but still couldn’t finish. My hands were too ripped. 2 Weeks of leave stiffened the joints and softened the callouses. Oh well. GREAT to be back and see everyone!!! You all look like steely eyed killers. (thats a compliment in case anyone was unsure) Thanks for the welcome back Mr. Joshie!!!

    1. We always used “killer” as a term of endearment in the Corps, as in “What’s up, killer?”. Steely eyed makes it sound even better.

  13. I decided to continue to rest my shoulder. I did Jeff’s homemade WOD.

    5 rounds for time:
    500m row
    75 double-unders

    Time: 20:30

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