6 thoughts on “Sunday 11 July

  1. Great fundamentals class! Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

    Also, enjoyed working out at the 3:00 class today … all I can say is that we made it 🙂 It wasn’t pretty, but we made it!

  2. 22:14 with 41# thrusters. Last time I did thrusters, I did 35#, so I’ve definitely improved. I think I can go up again next time! The run SUCKED though. 90+ degrees= no fun. Glad it’s over haha!

  3. 21:46 with 55# thrusters. I FINALLY got my kipping pullup tonight. I want to thank Melissa sooooooooo much. She taught me how to get my timing…and how to tape my hands. You were my little CrossFit angel tonight. 6:30 class was rockin!!!!

  4. I did a modified version of the prescribed WOD due to some shoulder “tendonitis”.

    Five rounds for time:
    135 front squat, 15 reps
    15 situps
    400 m run

    Time: 20:15

    I don’t like running so I tend to use it as a rest interval. I don’t push myself enough in the run. I got finished with this and felt like I should have done more.

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