10 thoughts on “Sunday 18 July

  1. 15:22 Silver. My arms are completely blown out. Felt good, though the humidity and heat made the 400 meters feel too long. Look forward to tomorrows workout.

  2. 14:09 rx reps and weight but Russian standard kb swings and blue band assisted pull ups. Thanks for all the encouragement!!

  3. 9:09 on a modified workout, substituted 21 back extensions for the KBS. Great workout, lots of support from the other athletes. Congrats to Scott on a great time and Ryan for getting his first muscles-ups!!

  4. Wow…I knew that this was going to kick my butt when I wanted to throw up before we even started the WOD. I am just really glad that I barely finished my last round of KB’s and pull ups. I am kind of disappointed, but at least I finished. My final time was 20:02. Running is not my strong point. Everyone else did so awesome! Good job!

  5. Did this one at home…. 11:16 rx’d subbed 50 dumbell for KBS and deadhang pullups. Looking forward to getting back to the box tomorrow!

  6. 9:52 Rx’d
    This was my first time doing Helan. If I could run a little faster I think I could have a compeditive time soon. I enjoyed this
    one…even though it involved KB swings! Great job for everyone today. Erin did her first fully Rx’d WOD and made the leader board too! Our largest class ever was probably the most motivating one I’ve seen yet. That’s what CF is all about!

  7. 14:57: Gold. Erin B gave me some good pointers on running that I will try next time. Loved the large class, great motivator!

    BTW, we found Scott’s wedding band. It was in his gym bag!

  8. What an AMAZING class!!! Such crazy awesome motivation. Erin A. and I did our first WOD with a pood…and definately had to pull each other through it!! Zan…you are crazy amazing, and Jordan…you make me feel like a little CrossFit fetus. Loved it!!!

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