10 thoughts on “Saturday 17 July

  1. 14:41
    75 lb. Squat Snatch

    I was able to do all the muscle ups, but I still have to start with the rings a little lower so I can get my false grip right.

    Thanks to Jordan, Bacon and everyone else that was pushing me. I needed it. I had almost given up on finishing before the cutoff.

  2. 7:55….rx’d on Muscleups, but 95lbs on Squat Snatch.

    Was able to get first 9 muscleups linked on first round. Got 4 and 3 on second round, and linked all 5 on 3rd round. PR’d on linked muscleups today, old PR was 8. Wish I could have done snatches rx’d, but not ready for that yet. Awesome workout, was fun to do, and to cheer on the other heats. Great job Lonny on the snatch, you looked good on them. And man beast Josh M owned those rings.

  3. 13:25
    Rx’d MU, snatch 85# for 14 reps, 75# for 7 reps. I wanted to do this rx’d but I have alot of work to do before I can snatch 95# 21 times. Everyone did great today! This one was really hard!

  4. Feeling a rest day was in order for today I took it easy and did some chores around the house. I’ve been watching the CrossFit Games live stream and felt inspired by the events and the athletes participating in them. This got me thinking, “How would a CrossFitter mow their lawn?” So I decided a lawn mowing WOD was in order: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQmYUjuuUJo

    Lawn Mowing WOD:
    5 sprints to pickup dog toys and put them in the box
    7 reps ground to overhead anyway with the tree branch
    Tree branch carry to stick pile
    Reel mowing sprints
    Grass trimmer dash to the finish

    The reel mowing sprints were harder than I thought they would be. The dogs provided the unknowable as live moving obstacles. Happy to finish the lawn chores in record time.

    Hope everyone gets a kick out of this.

  5. 14:59 Rx’d on MUs, and 75lbs on squat snatches. I’ve got horrible form on those right now. Christina was a huge help on improving my form. Thanks for the encouragement from many of you this morning!

  6. Ran a 5K today…22:25…that’s a PR for me!!! I sounded like an 80 year old smoker trying to breath at the end…but good times!

  7. Absolutely loved the CrossFit lawn mowing! If you’ve never pushed a reel mower then you can’t have an appreciation for those sprints. It’s not easy. The grass was really flying out the back of the mower!

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