11 thoughts on “Tuesday 20 July

  1. Today I did Bronze, but I made the weight 155 lbs and I did 7 reps for the Dead lift. Probably could of added another 10-15 lbs to do 4 reps, and I have made a note for next time. I also did the 63 jump ropes. I am getting a hang of the Double-unders, but just can’t get that many in a row yet. I will definitley have to get on practicing that.

    I got through 3 complete cycles and up to 10 Pistols before time ran out.

    After class I was able to get in 4 proper Kipling Pullups for the first time without band support. Thanks Christina for the advice on the knees, and will give that a go next time.

  2. Who knew 7 minutes would be this hard? I don’t think I did any portion of this prescribed with the exception of the sprints. Completed 3 rounds plus 12 pistols.

    125 lb deadlifts, 4 reps (which ended up harder than I thought)
    20 m sprint
    14 pistols- band assisted
    63 single jump rope (haven’t mastered double-unders yet)
    20 m sprint.

    Glad tomorrow is a rest day for me. I’m exhausted!!!

  3. Today was hard, no doubt.
    Bronze, 2 rounds + 26 reps.
    155# deads
    Band assisted pistols
    63 single jumps

    Thanks Davy for coaching and thanks Christina for your support as always!

  4. 2 rounds and 12(?) pistols into the third. Used 195 lbs for the load and band-assisted pistols. I was excited that for the first time, I actually could do double unders for the double unders!

  5. Finished 2 rounds + 20 double unders, with 145# and band assisted one-legged squats…I freakin love these big classes…such energy!!!

  6. Got 2 rds + 15 reps pxed (except I only did 125 then 115 on DL). Plus I got to watch xtina do dbl unders with one shoe off.

  7. Death by hang power snatch @ 95 lbs. Survived minute 14 and got 10 reps into minute 15.

    The first time I lost my hook grip was somewhere about rep 7 of 10 during minute 10. I continued on with a standard grip and found the snatches incredibly more difficult. From that point on if I lost the hook grip then I took time to reset my grip. It’s amazing how uncomfortable the hook grip felt at first and how I feel lost without it now on snatches and cleans.

  8. 2 rounds + 1 deadlift. 275lb DL, band assisted pistols, and single-unders.

    I’ve got a long way to go. I’m finding that on WODs that involve things like DUs, my “globo-gym strength” means absolutely nothing.

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