16 thoughts on “Wednesday 21 July

  1. 12:15 7rnds 155# GHD push-ups 1 biggass bruise from Death by Power Clean

  2. Gold scale: 3x 185 lb. power clean, 4x HSPU with bumper plates and 1x AbMat.
    Time: 11:23

    This one was a maximal strength endurance workout. 185 lb. power clean got pretty difficult real quick. I tried ringstand pushups and got a nice skin burn on the back of my knee and feel on my face a few times.
    Noticed that as I fatigued the HSPU got harder as I would fall away from the wall. Focusing on keeping my hips against the wall seemed to help by keeping my center of mass/gravity as close to the wall as possible. Pushing my hips to the wall seemed to help to keep me from arching my back too.

  3. Did Silver(6 rounds) with 75lbs power clean x 3 and HSPU x 4 with one Abmat. It was nice working out with the guys, but I missed my girls this morning :(.

    Time: 7:36

  4. Did two reps of 325# deadlifts and three ring HSPU for seven rounds…6:38. Wasn’t feeling the cleans so I thought I’d change it up. Kinda mad that I didn’t go for that extra HSPU though..

    1. I understand that feeling… next time you will know to go for four. Great job today… your deadlift looked good. Way to fight for that back to stay straight.

  5. Decided to sub 4x GHD situps for the cleans since my ass, hamstrings, and lower back are toast from the previous days’ deadlifts and KBs.

    7 rounds:
    12 GHD situps
    4 HSPU w/ bumpers and abmat


    Rest day tomorrow!

  6. I’m at work today so I half-assed this wod in our wanna be globo gym that used to be a fire station. I cleaned 115 so I wouldn’t break any of our steel plates. I didn’t have a timer so I’m gonna say it took about….a long freakn time. One good thing I got outta today is all legit HSPUs. I’m seeing improvement on the depth.

  7. 7 rounds for time:

    3 Squat Cleans @ 135lbs
    4 HSPU’s on 45lbs Bumper Plates

    Time- 10:55

    The HSPU’s were harder today than they usually are. Slowed me down. Squat Cleans felt good.

  8. Did 7 rounds at 41 lbs Cleans, and modified HSPU’s. We’ll see how the wrists are tomorrow. I’m excited though that I was able to do Unassisted KIP’s for the warm-up for the first time before the workout.

    1. I also went up on my PR for dead lift weight which was 105lb previously and 165lb today also, I tried getting 75lb push press but was only able to get 65lb. I about took my entire face off doing this…the bar decided to smack me directly in the forehead, nose, and chin…oops!

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