Wednesday 28 July

Run 5K

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Compare to 100501.

Life presents many situations where success means looking fear in the eyes, spitting in its face, and resolving to finish no matter how much you might want to quit. Distance running is one such situation. All it takes is a little confidence and a lot of spit.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday 28 July

  1. Been itching to check my capability in the 5km since starting CrossFit.
    Last time I did this in a race was this past December, 20:42.
    I’m gunning for sub-20.

    Let’s do this.

    1. Not a PR morning for me.


      Bonked on the third mile, was a bit worried about that when I woke up this morning as I felt a little drained and yesterday planned on taking today as a rest day.

      Mile Splits: 6:19, 6:37, 7:21

      Ran in my Vibrams and got some tender feet with blisters to show for it. The third mile I began to lose it as the blisters got worse on the balls of my feet. I started to heel strike and that slowed me down. I think I need to start running barefoot more to toughen my feet up.

      Garmin data here:

      Still happy with my run as I don’t think I could have gone any faster today.

      Great work by everyone this morning. Different type of mental game than yesterday’s WOD.

  2. Was so not looking forward to this, but I did it :)….My goal was to finish and not to walk, mission accomplished. I was a little disappointed in my final time, but I had to tell myself not many prego women are up at 5:30 am running a 5k. Everyone did great this morning!! WE DID IT!

    Time: 31:00

  3. Everyone did well this morning and ran hard. I FINALLY finished in 37:38. : ( I will take Melissa’s pregnant smoking of me as motivation for my next 5K. You did an awesome job, Melissa!

    1. Melissa’s pregnant smoking of others during the 5K: the only time when smoking while pregnant is acceptable.

  4. I finished at 23:05…I am very proud of myself for keeping up with the boys!!! P.S…the hill sucks!!! Great job 5:30 am class!!

  5. Oh the blisters. First real run in 5 fingers. 26:18

    Great job Michelle, it was upper 80’s and you had a hill each time.

  6. You know you’re addicted to crossfit when you’re FORCING yourself to have a rest day. It’s bad for me to look at the site because I always want to do whatever’s scheduled on my rest day (i.e. crossfit total, 5k run, filthy fifties, etc.). Anyway, good job everyone at plowing through the heat and finishing!!

  7. This was my first 5K and I am glad that I finished. My time was 37:31. Thanks to Jeff because I think I would have walked the entire last round without you! That hill and the heat were crappy! Good job Lonnie for doing your first 5K you did awesome! Everyone else, Christina, Zan, Daniel, and Justin great job too!!! You guys did awesome!

  8. 22:38, about 15 seconds slower than my PR on this course. Jakub almost ran me down. Seriously, I could see his shadow the entire run.

    Congrats to all the brave souls who ran today. It was really inspiring to see so many of you finish that thought you could not just a day before. Katie and Ginga both completed the entire run admirably. Lonny finished his first 5K. Justin posted the fastest time in the 6:15 class. And Christina and Zan improved their time by almost 5 minutes in just 5 days.

  9. Everyone did great in the 6:15 class. Lonny and Justin kept the road hot.

    Zan and Christina did an awesome job of keeping a steady pace on the uphills, and speeding up on the downhills. You two really stayed strong the whole time, was impressive to see you push through the pain like you both did and finish with great times!

    1. Daniel a special thanks to you today for helping Zan and I in an area we both need improving in! Question: can you make us both into Erin Brown’s? 🙂

      Zan as usual always a pleasure to workout beside you…you really made me work on those hills 🙂 Looking forward to our first 10K together… it is great to have a running partner.

      Time: 28:48

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