19 thoughts on “Thursday 29 July

  1. It’s great to have an intense, quick workout like this one. I’m still very weak when it comes to lifting capabilities. Did this one with 41# in 4:11. :-/

    On the plus side, I feel really good about my kippings. Linked several today and actually got my head above the bar on a few. I told Jeff during the Crossfit Games that my goal was to get 1 kipping pull-up by the end of the month. I’ve now gotten to where I can link several…and I still have two days before the end of the month! Thanks for everyone’s help and encouragement. I’m loving this family 🙂

  2. 4:15 @ 85lb. Still have shoulder pain with this type of overhead work, but hopefully this will eventually strengthen them. Enjoyed the morning workout.

    Off to the beach, so I’ll catch everybody on Monday!

  3. Awesome Morning Class. 95 lbs 2:32. Great coaching from Christina. I am happier with a fast finish at a lighter weight to establish my baseline. Now I will compare all my Isabel’s in the future to this one. Increasing weight till I am RX’d hopefully with this same time.

    AWESOME pic for todays WOD. Photoshop in some sand David Hasselhof and you would have a Baywatch poster!

    Patrick, enjoy the beach. See you when I return from the mountains.

  4. Hey Everyone, I’m in New York for work for a few weeks and I’ve been going to CrossFit South Shore while I’m here. They don’t follow the WOD’s on crossfit.com but I thought I’d share yeterdays.

    5 minute AMRAP
    7 SDHP (115/83lbs)
    9 Pull ups
    rest 3 minutes
    5 minute AMRAP
    9 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
    11 Push ups
    rest 3 minutes
    5 minute AMRAP
    11 KB Swing (70/44lbs)
    13 Box Jumps (24/20”)

    I did 50lb SDHP, ring rows, 10lb wallballs, 35lb kettlebell, and 20″ step ups on the box because of my knee. My score was:

    Round 1 – 3+11
    Round 2 – 3+9
    Round 3 – 3

  5. It took me a long time to even get the snatch movement down, so I took off some weight and I ended up doing 31# in 2:10. Great job everyone! One thing I love about crossfit is I keep surprising myself. I ended up doing 10 consecutive pull ups today when I originally just got on the bar to try a few. I am forever grateful to the pull up/muscle up clinic!

  6. Great job with “Isabel” in the 6:15 class! Katie and Sarah had their first experience with the snatch. I think Jeremy will eventually be snatching 300-lbs! Congrats to Brandon for his sub 4 minute time as Rx’d! Jakub killed the 30 muscle-ups for time WOD during the 6:15 class. It’s great to see everyone at CFI continually push the limits.

    I made up the 5k run during the 5:00 with Yaneth. Kudos to her for finishing her first 5k! My time was 23:57 (PR on the CFI course).

  7. Lot of strong work tonight at CFI. Special kudos to Tesha who completed her first 15 snatches in 4 minutes and then went on to complete the last 15 snatches in 3:52. That’s called staying on the bar and pushing it. Nice job.

  8. Did the 5k run with big bro DClem…I was glad not to be making it up alone. I was scurred but finished in 36:58. No walking!!! Yay!

  9. 4:06 61#

    Katie, you freakin rock! Throwing down 10 consecutive kipping pullups, brushing off those shoulders, struttin that ass all the way to the leaderboard, and taking over one of the top spots!! Awesome job!

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