13 thoughts on “Sunday 1 August

  1. 6:54 @ 95 pounds.

    This one was a sleeper of a suckfest. Didn’t seem bad on paper, but really kicked my tail. Awesome job to Zan for the double WOD today, and to Tristan for staying strong with ripped up hands. David killed this one today. Pretty sure he cheated somehow though. He’s very dishonest. Haha

  2. 9:04 95 lbs. Rough. Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. Thanks to Jeremy for the motivation too. I definately needed it. See everyone tomorrow morning!

  3. 7:24 at 65lbs. This was a rough like everyone else is saying, but I definitley got my “high” off of it. Thanks Greg B. for the motivation to push me through the workout and just under my goal of 10:00.

  4. This was brutal! Ripped up my hands pretty good…Thanks everyone for the motivation at the end! Got my name taken down a notch on the leaderboard by Erin A for Kipping Pullups, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Great job Erin! You have worked really hard and you deserve it!!

    Five rounds for time of:
    5 squat clean thrusters @ 55#
    10 chest to bar pull-ups
    Time: 13:51

  5. Great class today. I thought everyone did well scaling for intensity. When we scaled this way, it doesn’t always make the workout easier. Kudos to Melissa “pregnant” Fowler for working hard through this one! Welcome back Tristan and way to work through the pain!

    I had planned on a rest day today but you all motivated me so much I decided to give this one a shot after the class. I scaled the load to 95-lbs to keep intensity high. This was about right because I was able to do the squat clean thrusters pretty much unbroken. They slowed to did break…I don’t think.

    Time: 4:5? I don’t remember. I know it was just under 5 min. Thanks for all the support. It helped me get sub 5. I appreciate it.

  6. Took another stab at a 5k today. Running is and always has been my biggest weakness, so I’m trying to get better. I did it in 35:50. Improved by about 20 mins from my last attempt (yes, you read that right, it took me 56 minutes last time). Next time I’m gonna try for 30 mins.
    Also realized that the sun at 5pm is just as hot as it is at noon. Yeesh.

    1. Way to knock that time off Megan! Best time to run is like between 4 and 5 in the morning during the summer, but around here it doesn’t help when it is still humid as hell and like 70+degrees.

  7. yea forgot to update this. Did in 13:18. Scaled the Load to 95 thanks to Daniel for that one. I was gonna go higher, but very glad I didn’t. It was very rough for my already torn hands. I layed down more skin in the box but kept the blood on my tape. Thanks to everyone for the motivation. Really enjoyed watching Daniel, Melissa, David, and Zan kill this one and push through it. Glad to be back guys. See you all soon.

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