Tuesday 3 August

Lisa doing double unders

5 rounds of:

Back squat, max reps (m:225/f:150)
Pull-ups, max reps
Rest 2:00 mins

Post total reps in comments.

“Training with the Pitmaster: WOD Implementation” with John Hackleman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“Iceland Annie at the 2010 Games” with Annie Thorisdottir, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

The final heats of Individual Event 4, Sandbag move, at the 2010 CrossFit Games:
Womens Heat 4 – video [wmv] [mov]
Mens Heat 4 – video [wmv] [mov]

26 thoughts on “Tuesday 3 August

  1. 87 on silver.
    Did not feel well at all this morning. I was amazed I could actually stay out of the bathroom long enough to finish the WOD.

  2. Bronze, 116 (85#, band assisted PU)

    pull-ups got better after each round. Even tried one without the band. Almost there!!

  3. 96 (185# back squats)
    Rnd 1: 7 squats, 20 pullups
    Rnd 2: 6 squats, 16 pullups
    Rnd 3: 6 squats, 15 pullups
    Rnd 4: 6 squats, 12 pullups
    Rnd 5: 6 squats, 12 pullups

    PR’d on max reps of pullups at 20
    PR’d on back squat with 205#

  4. Glad I finally got to do something again! Christina made Erin B. and I a different WOD so that I didn’t have to use my shoulder much. We did 4 rounds for time of 400 meter run, 20 squats, and 20 back extensions. My time was 16:45. Thanks for working out with me today Erin you did great!

  5. Subbed 135 lb shoulder press for back squat. Pullups as Rx’d


    Deceivingly difficult WOD. Was fun WODing with all the new athletes from Fundamentals.

  6. Went with 155lbs since it was my first time back on the back squat since my injury. Felt good and nailed down 105 reps total.

    To all the peoplw in the gym sorry I wasn’t so talkative tonight. I really needed to dial in on this one so I could list to my back in case it told me to quit. Thanks for all the cheers from everyone.

  7. Scaled Back Squat to 185 pounds. Rounds and reps were:

    R1 – 6 B.S. / 30 Pullups
    R2 – 4 B.S. / 18 Pullups
    R3 – 4 B.S. / 15 Pullups
    R4 – 4 B.S. / 20 Pullups
    R5 – 4 B.S. / 18 Pullups

    Total = 123 Reps

    Jacob was a maniac getting 27 reps with 225 pounds on his first round of back squat. Great job to everyone today, especially everyone that did back squat for the first time and caught on so fast. Awesome job!

  8. 108 reps w/ 185lbs, rxd pullups. I agree with Jeff on the deceivingly difficult programming. This one had me winded the whole time.

    1. I think my rep scheme was:
      R1: 14/15
      R2: 7/12
      R3: 9/12
      R4: 9/10
      R5: 10/10

  9. Did 185lb back squat and no band pullups. Total reps=99

    after the workout I was pretty tired, felt like most workouts. As I was sitting then laying down I couldn’t breathe. Got up to get water and ended up throwing up. Went outside to get fresh air and threw up again after pouring water on my head and couldnt stop farting. When I went home I put the shower in the coldest water and I couldn’t feel the cold water until about a minute, during which I could just feel steam coming off my body. I started felony better about 10 minutes into a freezing shower.

    Thank you to my beautiful wife for cleaning my mess outside. I love you. Jeff and Dave, thanks for helping me get the bar back up to the rack! I appreciate it.

  10. I think my score was 149 (gold). I didn’t write it down…I’m kinda pissed about that. I did PR on my pullups by 1 rep though! I got 31 pullups on my first round, beating my previous 30.

  11. Score was 123 with 115LB Back Squat. I PR on pullups with 20 in a row. Thanks Lisa and Kristen for pushing through this one. After round three I wanted to stop 🙂 You guys did awesome!

  12. 102 (115#)

    R1: 12/10
    R2: 11/10
    R3: 12/9
    R4: 9/8
    R5: 12/9

    Tough workout!

  13. John, kiss my ass! Throw up 3 times, overheat, have a massive headache while still busting your ass in a WOD and then come talk to me. I haven’t seen you push your body that hard.

    1. Everbody wants to WOD…well go ahead and WOD. I’ll be right behind you to see how far you can WOD. By the time you get to the stop sign at the end of Castle Drive you won’t be jumpin that box. You’ll be “uhhh uhhh”.

      1. I’m flabbergasted at all this chauvinism. You must work on the arsenal.

  14. Whoa Victor! Letting your emotions get the best of you, huh? That’s a sign of weakness in itself. I’ve trained under the most intense circumstances that you wouldn’t even consider getting out of bed for. I was just letting you know, no one wants to hear how much you fart and your excuses. Btw I know for a fact you’re not pushing your body to the limit when I see you scaling weights on a daily basis.

    “An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie;
    for an excuse is a lie guarded.”
    -Alexander Pope

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