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  1. FS – 185, 195, 205, 220
    BP – 225, 235×3, 225, 225×3

    Happy with how front squat turned out. Bench press got squirrely on me. Probably should have gone with a bit lower weight, but I was trying to hang with Greg H.

    Really pushed it on the last set of front squat, my back wanted to let go of the weight but I pushed my elbows up and kept my back tight and was able to get 220 up four times.

    1. Great working with you Russell, Steven too. It feels like my form is coming together on the front squat finally. Now I need to get some more weight on the bar!! FS 135, 185, 195, 205 x 2 BP 225, 235, 245, 255(F), 225. Felt nice to bench again, but I was definately feeling the WOD from yesterday.

  2. BP-65-70-65-70

    Apparently I PR’ed by like 40 pounds for each exercise. Last time I did FSs I was only able to do 31 pounds… but that was about 6 weeks ago. Thank you, David and Greg H. for the tips and for pushing me. And of course, “Erin power” was strong today thanks to Erin B!

    Also- shout out to my man EA who is uber impressive on his FSs. Way to go!

    1. Wow, those are some solid 4x loads for someone only a couple months into CrossFit. Nice job. A lot of front squat is core strength and neurologically getting your body to do what you want. Luckily, that develops quickly (neuromuscular control more so than core strength). Keep up the consistent hard work and you’ll keep advancing, although you probably won’t keep adding 40 lbs to PRs for very long 😉

  3. Front squat: 135, 185, 205, 205. Failed 225. I think I should have tried that load in round 3.

    Bench press: 95, 125, 155, 165. First time benching. Even 95 wobbled quite a bit as I raised and lowered it. Got a lot of muscles to develop.

    Pinkies only. Nice bench bro. Way to push that **** out.

  4. Nice little lunch crew again today. My legs and lower back were already feeling it from yesterday’s workout, so the squat was pretty brutal.

    155-175-195×2-195 FS
    165-185-205-215×1 BP

    I was happy to get my body weight up once on the bench, but I’d like to get more than that next time. Shoulder starting hurting a little on the last few reps, so this was about the right rep scheme. Good working with Dan and having Hudson teach the class.

  5. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been to CFI. I’m two and a half weeks into a project at work that has had me working nearly 70hrs a week, and we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I should be able to get back into the box on a regular basis next week. I’m chomping at the bit right now. Can’t wait to get back in there! See you guys next week.

  6. 155-175-195-215 FS PR

    225-250-295-315×2 BP (got to put my name on the board Yay! :0) lol )

    Had a blast today with my lifting crew! Thanks for the cheers and support . I’ll find out my one max rep soon (wink). Good job everyone!

    Marco Polo

  7. First time lifting anything in two weeks…
    FS- 60-70-75-85
    BP- 35-45-55-65
    So glad to be able to lift things again! Went to the DR. and nothing is torn and everything seems to be in the right place soo I am good to go! Worked on pull ups for the first time in 2 weeks and got 16 thanks for showing me how to tape my hands Brittany!! Good job Sarah and Lindsey (sp?) awesome groupish work!

  8. 135-135-135-135 FS
    225-245×2 (failed 3rd rep) -225-225 BP

    Squats of any kind are definitely one of my many weaknesses. Worked on getting depth. Hurt my shoulder a few days ago, which kept my bench press weight down. Felt good to get back in the box. Thanks Daniel for noticing my leg kick/twitch during bench. I had no idea I did that!

  9. Had a lot of fun coaching and lifting tonight. Leah really showed some strength in the 5:00 for such a newcomer. Saw PRs all over the place. I enjoyed working with Jeremy and David in the 6:15. Wouldn’t have pushed 240×4 without the angry tattooed man shouting at me. Subbed bent over rows for front squat. I’m at the point of slowly working my hip back into action, but I’m taking it slow so I don’t screw it up again.

    BOR: 225-245-255-260
    BP: 225-230-235-240 (PR 4RM)

    235 was my 3RM this past Monday, so I am stoked to push 240×4. Thanks to Daniel for the tip about looking at the ceiling. It made the difference.

  10. Good strength day. Enjoyed working out with Clint and Lonny.

    Front squat 135-155-165-175
    Bench 115-135-145-155(2)-150(4)

  11. Had a good time coaching the energetic morning class! Congrats to Erin A. for her PRs! Greg H. and Eric A. put up some strong numbers this morning as well.

    Enjoyed working out with Jeff and Jeremy at the 6:15 class.

    FS: 225-*235(PR)-*240(PR)-*245(PR)
    *PRs for 4 reps. 245 is 5-lbs from my last 1RM.
    BP: DNA (did not attempt)

    I am fighting off some tendinitis in my right shoulder so I did not do bench press. I plan to lay off shoulder intense movements for 2-3 weeks minimum. I did Tabata box jumps for fun. My score was 12 (held throughout all 8 intervals).

  12. Front Squat: 85-95-105-115 after I did a 1RM of 125 PR by five pounds!

    Bench Press: 55-75-85-105×2-95 after did 1RM of 110 PR by ten pounds!

    Overall, great day for me. Enjoyed working out with everyone at the 6:15 class. Thanks for all the support I don’t think that bench press of front squat would have gone up without all the cheering!

  13. FS: 85-95-105-115
    BP: 55-75-85(x2)-80

    Thanks Christina for the advice on breathing technique during front squats. It made all the difference. Gonna continue working on my weak bench press. Watching Christina bench 110# was amazing. It’s hard to keep up with her. Congrats to Katie on 16 consecutive pull-ups and also Zan who took #1 on the leaderboard with 20. Seeing the progression of all the CFI women into stronger athletes is such an inspiration!! Lastly, enjoyed having Daniel coach the 6:15 class.

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