Tuesday 17 August

Wallball shots at CFI

15 rounds for distance of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Rest 40 seconds
Start each round at previous round’s end point.

*Bring a stopwatch if you have one.

Post distance to comments.

“The Pit Fight Team” with John Hackleman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“Missing Affiliate Heats” from the 2010 CrossFit Games footage.

‘Human-Electric’ Hybrid Car Goes 30 MPH Uphill,” Discovery News.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday 17 August

  1. I enjoyed the small class this morning! I was convinced at 5:31 that no one was showing up but then Mike, Erin A, Kelly, and Greg all rolled in at about the same time. Kudos to Greg for covering over 1600m for the workout!

  2. Finished 1600m + to the end of the driveway. Got lucky nothing but a light sprinkle hit us this morning. I enjoyed this WOD.

  3. ~1520m. I liked this one a lot but to be honest, I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day because I will definitely be feeling this one in the morning.

  4. Did roughly 1490 m. I made it just shy of the light pole at the 100 m mark, so didn’t quite get to 1500m. The darkness and light sprinkle was perfect! Thanks, David for yelling out when to start and stop. I learned very quickly I couldn’t pay attention to my watch.

  5. I stubbed my toe at the pool Saturday, so I couldn’t run. But, I showed up and rowed instead. I think I would much prefer to run sprints than row sprints. I finished with 1988m. I did my best to stop the stroking motion as soon as the clock hit 20. I did notice that there was some meters tallied after I had rested the paddle, obviously due to the last pull and the realistic result of paddling in a boat. So, my distance can’t be comparable to run sprints because as I understand it, you guys aren’t allowed to count the distance it takes to slow down after time is called. Anyways, that might be a little more detailed, but I think in recording my distance in the spirit of this workout, I would need to subtract somewhere around 100-150m.

    1. I would much rather run than row too. Those row machines are evil torture devices that should be used at Guantanamo. There’d be no need for water boarding then.

  6. Will things ever slow down so we can get back to CFI??! Had to do the workout at the gym today. 🙁

    Made up Annie from this weekend for a warm up, then did todays workout on the treadmill. Not exactly the same thing, but close. Set the treadmill at 9.0 and ran for 40sec, jumped off the belt for 20sec, etc. Thought I was going to throw up the last 2 rounds.

    We will be back tomorrow. I’m so excited! Miss you guys! The big guy on the rower behind me wasn’t much encouragement.

  7. Did ~1500m. Lindsey kept me going the whole time being right on my heels, good job girl! I really wish it would cool down just a little outside so that running wouldn’t be quite as unbearable as it has been.

  8. Did a workout at home after class.

    Front squat 7-7-7-7 @ 135 lbs

    Between each set I ran 400m barefoot at a leisurely pace, and POSE’d the entire way (because your body really won’t sustain barefoot any other way than pose). Did an extensive warmup and my hip felt good for this one. Glad to be lightly stressing it again. Looking forward to loading it progressively from here.

    1. No prob David.

      Can’t believe I hit the same place on the ball of my left foot that I bruised a week or so ago on the rocks. That screwed up my form a bit. Nice and warm and humid for the 5 o’clock class. Great job to everyone running in the heat and humidity.

      Behind David a little bit at the end so I’m guessing I hit ~1750m.

  9. Worked out today at Iron Tribe Fitness in Bham, and yesterday at Crossfit Innovate in Northport. Good to work out with some new faces, but I can say with confidence that our box far surpasses others in camaraderie and friendliness.

      1. Nope, ~1735…yea, that does look weird.

        I stepped off how far past the pole I went on the last round.

        And that’s what’s got me so mad today.

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