Thursday 19 August

Partner WOD

Buy-In: 10 squad pushups with your partner, then

150 Buddy Wall Ball Shots
300 Medicine Ball Passes

male: 14 lb ball, female: 10 lb ball


-Squad pushups are done with one partner’s feet on the other partner’s shoulders. At some point both partners’ chests must be touching the ground at the bottom and both partners much reach full extension at the top.

-Buddy wall ball shots are standard wall ball shots that are thrown by one partner, hit the 10′ target or above, and are caught by the other partner. Partners may swap places or throw diagonally as long as range of motion and height standards are met. Each time any partner touches the ball (assuming proper range of motion) counts as a rep.

-Medicine ball passes are performed standing back to back with your partner, holding the med ball near your waist. Twist to one side and pass your partner the ball. Then twist to the other side to receive the ball from your partner. Each time any partner touches the ball counts as a rep.

-Partition the work however you want into as many or as few rounds as you want. Just get it done.

16 thoughts on “Thursday 19 August

  1. So here’s a fun fact. I weighed myself last night on a whim. I haven’t weighed this much since I was in college- about 9 years ago- and I’m about ten pounds heavier than when I started Crossfit. The difference? In college, my clothes were about 3 sizes bigger and before I started Crossfit I couldn’t do a pull-up! This makes me think of that article posted (by Steven?) about Crossfit women, where beauty is defined as taking pride in our bodies rather than looking at a number on a scale. I’m living proof that Crossfit has changed my attitude about my body. Thanks for that! Just thought I’d share 🙂

    1. Erin–
      How long did it take you to move from the green assisted pull ups to a kip?

      Awesome comment btw.

    2. That’s awesome! I’m new to Crossfit, and just curious how long you have been doing Crossfit to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass! I’m wanting to see some results myself, and wondering how long its gonna take me! Nice job! That’s great! Can’t wait to see my own results!

      1. I wish I knew for sure the difference in my body composition between then and now to tell for sure what the “poundage” actually reflects. But- my clothes fit and I can see definition, so I assume it’s a good weight gain lol.

        Sarah, I did my fundamentals (and started at the green band) at the beginning of June. I got my first kipping at the end of July. But just know that everyone is different, and be careful about comparing yourself to others. I am the worst about that because I tend to focus too much on what other people are doing, and it stops me from doing my best. One day at a time.

        Tiffany, I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 9-10 weeks now and really working on eating the paleo/ zone diet for a little longer (maybe 12 weeks). That’s probably a large part of it. Sounds like the Saturday morning lecture will be awesome for going over all that information!

      2. Erin girl you are my hero, seriously:). I just started crossfit three weeks ago. This is great information to know, I’m one to always be stepin on that scale. I wish Alex and I could be there for the Sat. nutrition talk!!!! Thanks again for posting that comment.

  2. Erin & Lori, kudos to both of you for making so much progress and not paying attention to the scale. Using weight as a measure of fitness is just part of conventional wisdom along with low fat/high carb diets and bicep curls. It takes us all a while to break with CW, but as you see, it’s worth it. Of course, obesity is quite readily measured and observed by a scale. But whether you should weigh 130 or 140? Who cares? Work hard to get the performance and body composition you want, and the number doesn’t mean anything.

    Small but fun morning class today. Enjoyed watching you guys game the team WOD. Erin and Kelli challenged themselves with the 10 lb ball and did awesome. Mike J. also improved his wall ball shots greatly.

  3. Had a good time at the lunch class today. Christina *made* me do this workout as opposed to making up yesterday’s WOD. 🙂 Glad she did. I worked with Chris on this WOD. We kept a pretty good pace the entire workout. Split it into 3 rounds of 50 WBS and 100 BP. But a combination of making up missed wall ball shots, fatigue on the ball passes, and a shwetty ball made for an interesting last round. Finished in 10:03 Rx’d. After the workout, Chris and I were talking about the wall balls and we decided it would have been more beneficial to challenge ourselves on the weight. We should have scaled up to a 20lb ball for this workout. That may not be the same for others, but it seemed like we didn’t push ourselves as much as we could have.

    Stayed a few minutes after to work on muscle ups. I didn’t get a legit MU, but Christina gave me some great pointers and really helped with my technique. We measured ring height to give me a quantifiable method of progressing to a legit MU from small jumps to dead hang. I’m at 81″ on the rings. Hopefully I can move an inch or so every few days until I reach my goal. I couldn’t have made up yesterday’s WOD anyways…

  4. Was on a 3 team was fun we had no time to stop lol nonstop action. 12:13.


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