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  1. Yesterday I did Annie at Crossfit South Shore on Long Island. Time was 11:20 which is an improvement of over 4 minutes from the last time I did it which was 15:39!

    Also there is another girl here dropping in like me from Huntsville! Her name is Katelyn Dunn and she goes to Crossfit Huntsville. On top of that she is here doing work at the same facility I am at. It truly is a small world I guess!

  2. 10:23 silver (3 rds of 1 rope climb, 10 asst dips, 35 squats) this one was a KILLER on the arms!
    Michelle: me and you are gonna get a pullup soon if it kills us!

  3. Megan YES WE ARE!! 😉 12:08 3 rounds 20 towel bar pullups, 21 assisted dips, 35 squats. My arms cried for mercy the last 21 dips. Thanks Hudson for helping me get the form right.

  4. Did gold this morning

    3 rounds:
    3 rope climbs to the halfway point 🙂
    15 ring dips
    50 squats

    Time: 16:07

    I did several full rope climbs in warmup, they were exhausting! Hudson recommended that I try going halfway up during the WOD, this was a perfect compromise. Thanks to all for cheering me on!

  5. 18:28

    3 rounds
    1 rope climb
    15 assisted dips
    50 squats

    Apparently Chucks suck for rope climbs. Couldn’t get the last rope climb in but I did a couple during warm-up. Wish I had my tennis shoes. I just didn’t have the strength by the end and the flat soles kept me from getting any traction on the rope.

  6. Well, I killed the first round but rds 2 and 3 killed me. By the end, I was shimmying up the rope like Megamann, all legs. I finished in 19:xx, sometime before the :30 mark. 5 rope climbs, 15 ring dips, 50 squats. Had fun at the lunch class. A lot of encouragement and work getting done.

  7. 24:27 Rx

    Rope climbs were awful. Round 2 I felt like giving up and reducing the number, but my pride wouldn’t have it.
    My arms got fatigued and my pulls on the rope became a lot shorter.
    Ring dips were just salt on the wound on my arms after rope climbs.
    Overall tough WOD.

    Came back at lunch for some strength work:
    Squat 3×5 @ 240 lb.
    Bench Press 3×5 @ 200 lb.
    Deadlift 1×5 @ 305 lb.

    Saw Hudson kill this WOD at lunch in under 14 minutes. Very impressive.
    Lot of people working hard at the morning and lunch classes.
    Don’t underestimate the rope climbs in this one.

  8. 12:30 Gold
    3 rounds of:
    3 rope ascents (15 ft)
    15 ring dips (assisted)
    50 squats

    I even managed to get kipping pull ups before today’s lesson; thanks to some good advice. I had fun today 6:15 class:)

  9. I did one rope climb each round. On the first two rounds I only went half way up and then on the last climb I went all the way up for the first time ever. I did 21 assisted ring dips and 50 squats each round. My time was 13:34. Glad to see Robyn back at the box! You rocked it today!

  10. Took some time to get out of the fetal position after the WOD today. But after 26:03 RX with a sub on the last two rounds for the ring dips with assisted ring dips.

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