Friday 24 September


Rx’d by Hudson:

2 or 3 Rounds for Time:
100m Buddy Carry
Accumulate 100 Squats as a Team
Accumulate 100 Pushups as a Team

-During the Squats and Pushups teammates will alternate every rep.  Teammate 1 will do the first squat, Teammate 2 will do the second, Teammate 3 will do the third, and so on. No partitioning of squats and pushups.
-Teammates not working will rest at the bottom of the squat or the top of the pushup.
-If one teammate is unable to complete a squat or pushup or rest in the proper position, then the entire team will rest until all are able to begin again.

Teams of 2 will perform 2 rounds. Teams of 3 will perform 3 rounds.

Vibrant Health is About More than Food from Mark’s Daily Apple

This Friday’s 4:00 class is cancelled due to Fundamentals. Please plan to attend a different class, or you can drop in at 4:45 for 6 rounds of Tabata Squats with the Fundamentals class.

12 thoughts on “Friday 24 September

  1. I expect it will be a lot of fun…until your 300th second in the bottom of a squat or top of a pushup. 🙂 Definitely some good programming from Hudson.

  2. Bwaahhahhhaa!! Melissa that’s awesome!

    A shout out to Tim for being my partner today!! Thanks to Jordan for helping us to understand how to alternate… 😉

    1. Yes, we worked well together and seemed to run out of gas on the push ups at about the same time.

  3. 9:12 Rx with David. Pushups were a killer for both of us. Squats and run were all fine. David killed that first partner carry even with his overweight partner.

  4. 10:14 Rx’d with Jordan

    Push-ups were rough, but the hardest part was keeping count…

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