13 thoughts on “Sunday 26 September

  1. 19 rounds + 19 pullups on the 20th round. I really wanted that 20th pullup but I didn’t game that last round right.

    Good to graduate 13 new crossfiters and cool to see several of them stay and workout afterward.

  2. Jeff,
    Graham Holmberg only did fifteen more reps than you. I’m sure you could have beat him if you’d kept going

  3. Hudson, that is indeed motivating. Of course, throw in anything else and he’d destroy me. Just like WOD 3 at sectionals where I was able to beat Rich in the pullup/run couplet–it’s gratifying to know you can beat the world’s best at something–anything–but that doesn’t change the fact he’s the overall best.

    I survived 21 minutes. Was fun to work out with David and Daniel.

    Had a great time with the 3:00 class and graduating our most recent Fundamentals class. As Hudson said, it was cool to see so many of them stick around and work out with us after Fundamentals. Looking forward to seeing them at CFI more often.

  4. Great time today at CFI! Really enjoyed working out with Jeff and David today. I survived 18 rounds plus thirteen reps on the 19th.

    Fundamentals is always a blast. Great meeting all the new faces, and looking forward to seeing you all show up at the regular classes.

  5. Had a lot of fun as all the other trainers have stated graduating the Sept. fundamentals class! Looking forward to training with all of you in the future.

    I joined in during the 3:00 class today and was able to complete 15 minutes of Death by Pullups. Thanks to Melissa and Katie for cheering me on at the end. I don’t think I would have complete round 15 if Melissa W. had not been standing right there saying “get back on the bar… you’ve got a few more in you!” Thanks again and had a lot of fun.

  6. First real class today. Glad I stuck around, despite feeling pretty tired after a long weekend and working out on my own and in the fundamentals class. The warm up was worse for me than the actual workout. Made it 10 rounds using the green band. Can’t wait to get up to real pull ups!

    1. Welcome Mandy! So glad to have you and Teddy at crossfit. Sorry I missed Sunday’s workout, but we had a neighborhood cocktail party that made me feel my age in the morning. Yikes!!! See you guys soon though. When do you think you will be working out most often?

      1. It’s cool, Greg. I plan to be there Tues (5:15), Thurs (5:15), and Sun at first, and then maybe transition from doing cardio at Alexander’s and start going on Mon and Wed at 6:30; not sure about that yet, though. When do you usually work out?

  7. Awesome class today. Loved to see all the new crossfit faces! I made it through 10 rounds,Thanks Jeff for pushing me through that last round, I am very excited to not be using a band anymore (: Lonnie great job, way to keep going after your hands were ripped to pieces!

  8. Enjoyed getting to work out with Jeff and Daniel before our Fundamentals class. I made it to 17 minutes, ripped my hand, and wussed out. I have let my hands get soft from not training pullups lately.

    Congratulations to everyone who completed Fundamentals this weekend! Looking forward to seeing you in the gym with us!

  9. 12 rounds and 8 pullups

    I kept losing grip on that 13th round and I know I had a few more rounds in me. Guess I need to quit being cream puff and forget the tape next time…

    Awesome job Katie, Christina, and Lisa! You ladies rock! Lonny, way to push it with your hands all torn up!!

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